Animals & People - the animal-human bond


Animals & people form the most amazing bonds, which give us the chance to do stuff we wouldn't otherwise perhaps do - animals can be amazing at helping people move out of their comfort zones- all for the pure love of animals.  Visit our picture gallery, Animals Volunteer

Donkeys visit residential homes  where they are providing cheer, joy and smiles to residents, their families and staff.      
In Asia, Dr Dog is making lots of people very happy as he visits elderly folk.
A number of dogs and cats are helping with stroke rehabilitation.  The animals are working with physiotherapists and helping patients achieve small goals which are all part of a carefully planned programme to help people recover from their strokes.
Specially trained dogs are searching out missing people on the highlands and lowlands, mountains and valleys.  They search for missing walkers, children, confused elderly people, climbers and victims of crime.  Let's hear it for a dog's nose!
Assistance Dogs are just amazing.  Read the story of Endal, Pure Gold, and hear about two other Canine Partners, Wesley & Ulli
In Italy, Newfoundlands and other dogs are doing beach rescuesand even training to jump out of helicopters!
Highly trained monkeys are helping people with severe spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments by helping with daily activities.  More...
Ponies are helping children with special needs gain in confidence and have lots of fun with Riding for the Disabled
Leisure - of course there are lots of us who enjoy being with animals for leisure.  Llama walking, horse riding, strolling around nature reserves all contribute to our overall wellbeing and happiness.  Find out how you can get active with animals
Animals have helped out in times of war: pigeons carried messages in World War Two, for instance, while elephants, dogs, horses and even the ships cat all played their roles. 
Worldwide, animals are essential to people's livelihoods, providing transport and labour.  The work the Brooke is doing shows how important animals are to their owners in many countries.  The charity enables you to help people and animals at the same time. The right sort of pet in the workplace helps reduce stress and absenteeism of staff and can even help boost wellbeing!   PC Tizer was recruited initally to help the British Transport Police in north London keep mice in their place, but PC Tizer quickly showed he was very adapt at helping his human colleagues de-stress and relax.  Find out more about the benefits of a cat's purr..
Of course, pets worldwide contribute to our wellbeing every day.  They help reduce loneliness and act as social catalysts, give us lots of love and welcomes as we come through the door.  Bless them one and all.                                                                                                                                                                      
Find out how pets help people get over awkward moments, shyness & even help international politics!

Animals benefit children, too!