Get active to help polar bears

You can help polar bears from your own home by changing a few lifestyle habits and getting active to help polar bears!  

The main polar bear charity is Polar Bears International.  Polar Bears International are based in the US and Canada but it doesn't matter where you are based - everyone can help polar bears with a few simple steps. 

Polar Bears International are dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their habitat.  Like many endangered animals, polar bears are under threat because of their homes being destroyed, lost, or taken over by people.  

 It's easy to help polar bears - scroll down the page to see how you can make a difference

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Important days in the polar bear calendar...

  • The 27th February's International Polar Bear day is a great chance to take part in the Survive to 5 challenge.
  • The 15th July is Arctic Sea Ice Day.  Talk to people about polar bears and the challenges they face.
  • The 29th October to the 4th November is Polar Bear Week.  Join in by donating, tuning into live events, taking part in the “Protect Polar Bears and People" Challenge, and more.

10 Steps you can take to help polar bears - Make every day a Polar Bear Day!

To save polar bear habitat, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  The way we use transportation, energy usage, and food production - all make a difference to polar bear habitat.

  1. Take part in the Thermostat Challenge - adjust your thermostate a couple of degrees. Stick on a sweater if you're cold.  (You'll save yourself money, too!)
  2. Use natural energy wherever you can.  Walk instead of taking the car where you can.  Put washing out to dry on a line rather than using a tumble dryer.  Put clothes in the sun to warm up. 
  3. Take public transport rather than the car if you can
  4. Try palm oil free chocolate and biscuits for example. Many products contain palm oil which means deforestation and rainforests are vital to the planet's wellbeing. 
  5. Have a meat-day free day a week (or two or three!).  The Vegetarian Society has stacks of recipes and advice to get you started. 
  6. Avoid drive-through businesses - all that exhaust pumping into the atmosphere as you queue isn't going to do anyone any good
  7. Avoid products with a lot of packaging.  (That packing has to go somewhere.)
  8. Re-use, reycle, reduce...... re-use, recycle, reduce - do you REALLY need what you buy in the first place?
  9. Buy locally or grow your own to save goods being transported.
  10. Adopt a polar bear from Polar Bears International


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