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Will you sign the Big Shark Pledge?

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Will you sign the Big Shark Pledge with the Shark Trust?

The Shark Trust say that many of our best known sharks make their home on the high seas, beyond any national borders. 

But these sharks and rays are threatened by an enormous international fleet of fishing vessels.  

Back in early 2021, research was published which confirmed that over 75% of oceanic sharks and rays are at risk of extinction because of the impact of overfishing. 


So will you add your voice to the Big Shark Pledge and put pressure on governments and fisheries Will you help make the changes that these sharks need humans to make to keep them safe?

The Shark Trust says that this will be a long term, international effort which will demand collaboration.   It will be important to put science at the heart of shark conservation and fisheries management. 

The Shark Trust asks us all to sign their pledge now and agree to (and I quote):

S – Stand up for shark conservation

H – Have faith that change will happen

A – Act when called upon

R – React to and share our campaign

K – Know that I’m making a difference

Together we can call for stronger conservation and fisheries management.


Please sign the Big Shark Pledge here.


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