Animals volunteer


Animals volunteer their services in all sorts of ways. From agricultural assistance to help in the home, they are there, rarely complaining, never critical, occasionally whisking a tail to keep off the flies, but loyal, loving and all unique. Here's our picture gallery with examples of the ways in which animals help us or play a part in our lives. 

Dog searching bag

A dog's powerful noses sniffs to the root of the problem and keeps us safe.
Brooke - horses & kiln
Horses, donkeys & mules help millions of people worldwide earn a living.  This photo is courtesy of The Brooke, who helped treat 1.4 million animals and educated their owners in better animal care.
Therapy unit -
Donkeys visit residential homes, bringing cheer, helping with memory recall and brightening everyone's day. This is courtesy of the Donkey Sanctuary
Some 60 million farm animals keep us fed every year all over the world.  Find out more about the Compassion in World Farming campaigns- lend your support for better working conditions for these animals.
Millions of animals help worldwide with transporting us from A to B & carrying our luggage.  Dog sledding, camel trains, donkeys helping to carry shopping (and that's in the UK), pulling barges and boats along canals & rivers.  And they won't lose your luggage, like the airlines do!
Horses help on the farms - not nearly so much as they did, of course, but could they be one of the answers to our energy problems?
Frog looking to camera
Creatures like this little frog help keep the balance of nature.  We may not be able to see them - but their presence matters to the overall wellbeing of everyone on this planet, animal & human.  Get involved and protect wildlife.
Animals make great confidents & playmates for young & old alike.  We never feel silly telling our dreams & fears to our pets; we know they'll just listen and comfort.  How often do us pet owners feel that all will be well when we see our pets? How do we feel when we come home at the end of a long day and see our cat waiting & watching for us on the window ledge, or our dog by the front door?
Animals reach out and touch in ways that people just can't. They offer friendship and companionship and make it easier to make friends.
Many animals provide the materials with which we can make clothes - wool for instance.
Animals at War - Jilly Cooper
Animals show tremendous courage in times of war - horses in battle, sniffer dogs, carrier pigeons, elephants lending a trunk...  Jilly Cooper's book Animals in War tells it all
Cat and Computer
Many animals act as our stress managers  - Now, what's your problem?  And more importantly, where's my dinner?

Endal in the Post Office
Many assistance dogs help people with disabilities problems live far more independent lives.  Here's Endal helping out in the Post Office.  Many help people overcome illnesses & strokes, such as Pets as Therapyvolunteers.
Animals provide opportunities for us to get out in the fresh air and make new friends. Walk with a llama and feel calmer! Horse riding, walking with wolves,llama trekking,  volunteering to walk dogs at animal rescue centres - all great exercise and a good way to meet like minded people  and make new friends.

If you want to give something back, then please get active & Volunteer