Cats purring benefits people


Tackle the blues with a purring cat

Did you know that Monday 16 January is dubbed the most depressing day of the year? And according to national cat charity Cats Protection, purr therapy could be just the thing to ease the stress and depression of the day!

At a time in the year when everyone is fed up of cold weather, weighed down by bills from Christmas, and given up New Year's Resolutions, if you've had a stressful day at work as well, cuddling up with your cat could even lower your blood pressure.

The purrfect antidote to stress... a purrfect moment with your feline!

Cats Protection Clinical Veterinary Officer is Beth Skillings. She says, "Sitting with a relaxed purring cat at the end of a hectic day is a soothing massage for the soul. Perhaps this is because the reassuring hum is generally associated with calmness and gentle communication, or perhaps it is because the frequency of the vibration is in the range that can stimulate healing.”

Cats are the friend you can always talk to, who will never tell you your feelings are silly, or tell you what to do. They just listen and keep your confidences to themselves.

 Owning a cat can help lift spirits

Research undertaken last summer in conjunction with the Mental Health Foundation showed that owning a cat can help lift the spirits.

There's nothing like a cuddle with a purring cat or kitten 

How did respondents say cats helped them?

  • 87% of people who owned a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing
  • 76% said they could cope with everyday life much better thanks to the company of their feline friends
  • Half of the cat owners felt that their cat’s presence and companionship was most helpful
  • A third described stroking a cat as a calming and helpful activity.

"These findings tell us what cat lovers have known for years – cats are not just great company but they can also be very good for you,” said Beth. “There are thousands of cats and kittens in our care that desperately need new homes and could help chase away the Monday blues.” 

Why and when do cats purr?

Why cats purr is not fully understood. Most peple believe cats purring means that puss is content - but cats also purr sometimes when they are in pain. Some female cats purr while giving birth. Kitchens purr almost from birth, and mostly when they are suckling. Nor does your cat have to be with you when he purrs - he can purr by himself when he's on his own. 

How do cats purr?

This is an interesting question. Cats Protection say that the mechanism by which cats purr is elusive - there isn't a specific part of their body that produces the sound.

It has been suggested that twitching the muscles in their voicebox, the larynx, rapidly dilates and constricts the glottis, causing air vibrations as they breathe in and out

 There's nothing like a cat nap!
Cat naps are serious business!

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More info on Cats Protection

Click here to find out about how to adopt a cat from Cats Protection or call the charity’s helpline on 03000 12 12 12. Cats Protection helps 230,000 cats & kittens each year through a national network of 257 volunteer-run brances and adoption centres. Thousands of cats and kittens need a home.  Click here to find your local Cats Protection!  

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