Animals are unpredictable

Animals aren't computers.   There are no buttons to press, and certainly no remote control. They may bite, kick, hiss, throw a tantrum, lunge at you - you can never tell how an animal is going to react.  They won't do things just to please you and I, or because you and I expect life to run smoothly and animals' intentions and doings to fit in with our ideas, plans, days etc.
You may well go to a nature reserve expecting to see all sorts of animals - but these little guys may be in hiding, too shy to come out, busy doing other stuff as animals do.  Our site can suggest that you go places - but we cannot guarantee that the animals will do as you and I hope they will. 
One of the most remarkable (and coldest) afternoons of my life was spent on a willdife tour in Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand.  A small group of us shivered for 2 hours in the New Zealand winter waiting to see if penguins would appear on the beach.  It was perishing - so cold.  Our little group was all ready to give up when suddenly the penguins appeared.  The wait was worth it.  Of course, we could have waited and waited - and no penguins could have appeared.  We would have gone home cold and disappointed.  But that's nature. 

You never know what I'll do next, or whether I'll appear at all. Even if you have flown thousands of miles to see me. I've got a busy schedule to keep

Nature - and the animals world - are unpredictable.  No amount of guarantee, signing on dotted lines, whinging to organisers, or anything else will change that unpredictability.  That's what makes nature so exciting - and so rewarding when animals do make an appearance.  And when they do - it's an amazing feeling.  Animals share our world with us.  It's not a human world.  There's a vast kingdom & milllions of species sharing it with the human race.
Even the calmest, best trained, most placid good natured animal can do the most unpredictable thing.  

If you're going to get active with animals, it's important to learn how to handle that and deal with it. 

Yes, I may bite at one end and kick at the other.  

I'm a horse with a mind of my own, not a computer or an IPOD thingy

Take horse riding, for instance. To progress and push back the boundaries, you will - at some stage - fall off.  Falling off and getting back on again is a key lesson to learn in life. It builds up self-belief, strength of mind and purpose and an ability to cope when things go wrong and handle situations which don't go as planned or expected.  Be willing to come a cropper, and you’ll find a wonderful world open up to you.  Be ready and willing to give nature and the animal kingdom a go - over and over again - and you'll find new worlds opening up to you.
Accidents happen. One of the reasons why people are so unfulfilled and bored these days is because they take no risk. If they have an accident, they sue. It must be someone’s fault.
If you make your world so secure and safe that you never come a cropper, you will never grow and discover new strengths. You’ll die inside of boredom and your powers will drop off through lack of use and stretch.  You may deal with the boredom in your life by over-eating, drinking too much, becoming discontented, or any one of anumber of things
Take courage in both hands, find it in your heart and go outside of your comfort zone.  A great way to do this is to learn something new or to do something you wouldn't normally do for charity
Fall off your safe perch.  Get wet & dirty & muddy.  Welcome the experience.   And go out and do it again. Liife is for living.