British Wildlife


British Wildlife

British wildlife is in trouble, but there are many charities striving to turn the situation around and many individuals working to make a difference in their communities, their gardens, their balconies, their allotments, on their daily walks as they spot and record different species.

We have a plethora of wildlife programmes on the television, many featuring wildlife from outside the UK, but many covering British wildlife, too.   Autumnwatch, Springwatch and Winterwatch all bring nature right into our living rooms.  Countryfile does the same.  There are some incredible programmes showing us places we wouldn’t normally see and wildlife we didn’t even know existed.

The thing is, how can we all HELP British wildlife? Each of us will have our own wildlife interests and roads that we want to follow.  Some of us may be a one species person, such as a lover of hedgehogs, or barn owls, or puffins.  And others may prefer one type of habitat, such as wildflower meadows or wetlands.

So the purpose of this page is to give you signposts to possible ways to help.  We hope you’ll find it helpful.  The most important thing is to do something.  Wildlife need us to act, urgently.  Many of the links below will take you to listings of charities that you can help.


Don't forget that one way to help wildlife is to help them in your garden or on a patio or balcony, which is why there are links to ideas of how to help below.

Conservation charities in the UK

Volunteer with reptiles and amphibians

Help wildlife in your garden

Red Squirrel conservation

Help puffins

Help an adder

Seagrass conservation

Beaver conservation

Unusual adoptions

Save water in your garden

Providing water in your garden for wildlife 

Help hedgerows

The National Trust helps wildlife

Paul Whitehouse – Our Troubled Rivers

Sponsor a..... habitat!  This could be a pond, a wildlife meadow, a seagrass pod, a reserve... have a look at ideas here