Walk with wolves & wolf experiences

Here are some opportunities to get more in touch with wolves and find out more about them...

The Born Free Foundation run a Project with Ethiopian Wolves and you can Adopt a Wolf here
Check out the Defenders of Wildlife's Wolf Weekly Wrap Up , which is their blog.  Lots here to get involved with for any wolf lover who wants to help wolves. And the International Wolf Centre works to teach the world about wolves. 
You can also give a wolf lover a gift experience 
Wolf Encounter and Howl at Dartmoor Zoo

Wolf Encounter and Howl at Dartmoor Zoo, Devon
£50.00 for one
Meet Dartmoor Zoo's resident wolf pack!  On arrival you’ll meet one of the wolf handlers for an intriguing talk at the wolf enclosure. Learn fascinating facts about the animals as well as all about their distinctive howls - you may even hear them howl on the day! This 40 minute experience includes entry to the zoo, so you can enjoy the rest of the wildlife on the day.  Available from Virgin Experience Days who recommend you book this popular experience early! 

 Wolves Calendars for 2018 The CalendarClub.co.uk has a number of wolves calendars you can choose from - enjoy a year of wolves from at £4.99 from the CalendarClub.co.uk.  For anyone who loves wolves, these would make a great way to brighten up a room or a desk. 
Responsible Travel has a number of wolf holidays on its lists Responsible Travel list lots of wildlife holidays, including some which involve wolf tracking and wolf spotting.  There are a number of countries to choose from, including Brazil, Poland and Slovakia, France, Sweden, USA and Transyvania, so head off to Responsible Travel and take do some holiday spotting
Wolf Tracking holidays
Want to go wolf tracking? There's the opportunity to gain insight into the life of the elusive wolf in the French Alps. Visit off the tourist track areas in the wilds of the Alps as you follow the tracks of the Wolf with Undiscovered Alps with their Wolf Tracking Adventures. Winter & Spring holidays