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  1. I just love feeding the birds in our garden.   It gives me huge pleasure to watch them flock to the bird feeders and tuck in.  I love to watch the different species, their beautiful markings and feathers - they are so tiny, so stunning and they do love to dive into the feeders and then fly off again.

    Anyway, if you're looking for some bird feeders for your garden, do take a look at Viovet.co.uk.

    They have a number of bird feeders on special offer including the two below:

    Supa Sutherland Bird Seed Feeder

     Supa Sutherland Bird Seed Feeder
     Was £7.99, now £5.83

    The range consists of high quality feeders which - as you can see - are very colourful.  There's an integral tray to help stop seed falling to the ground. The feeder is easy to clean, too.  It's supplied in a randomly allocated colour.  

    C J Wild Bird Square Hanging Feeding Bird Table

    C J Wild Bird Square Hanging Feeding Bird Table
    Was £15.27, now £11.87

    The thing I like about this design is that it should be easy to put bird food on to the tray, and also very easy to see the birds enjoying a feast!  

    Fly off to Viovet.co.uk to see their wild bird products

  2. It's soooo exciting!   Koala Creek will open on the 29th March 2019 according to Longleat's website.  Longleat is based in Wiltshire

    The Southern Koalas' arrival is part of an initiative by the Government of South Australia to enhance the management and conservation of the koala.  Longleat will act as a European hub for the newly-created International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE)

    The Daily Mail had a wonderful article in it today on the Koalas's arrival - you can read it here

    In addition, "native" European wolves are settling in to the woods of Longleat and a  pair of Critically Endangered Cuban crocodiles are settling in to a new purpose-built semi-aquatic display.  They are known for their ability to jump out of water. 

    You can buy tickets for Longleat from them onlinePicniq have special offer discounted tickets for Longleat too. 

  3. So here’s a new version of the Tug of War game.

    This time, it’s between two donkeys and it involves a Wellington Boot.

    Who will win?   Wiggins or Harry?

    You'll find this video on You Tube here 
    ©Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    The donkeys live at the Redwings Horse Sanctuary.  The sanctuary rescues abandoned, mistreated and neglected horses and donkeys from across the UK.  IT gives them a safe place to live and provides all they need for life long care, including veterinary treatment and rehabilitation.   Crucially, it also educates current owners and future generations about the value of horse welfare. There are about 2,000 animals at Redwings, all being looked after.

    The sanctuary has 5 visitor centres in Norfolk (there are 2 there), Essex, Warwickshire and Scotland.  If you love donkeys or you’re mad about mules or want a cuddle with a Shetland, take a look at Redwings’ visitors page to find out more.  It’s free to visit (but you can always donate on your way out to help the sanctuary look after these wonderful animals. 

    Can’t visit?  That’s okay! 

    There are plenty of ways to help support Redwings Horse Sanctuary - here are just a few of them.





  4. It's International Polar Bear Day every year on 27th February.  The day is a great opportunity to discover more about polar bears and in particular the challenges they face and how we can all help.

    Polar Bears International is a non-profit charity located in North America. 

    And they've been studying polar bears for years.   Their mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.  And they work to inspire people to care for the Arctic and make that vital connection between the Arctic and our global climate.

    Polar Bears International have a short video on You Tube which shows a journey to the Arctic through the eyes of Ursula, a polar bear. 

    Produced by Handcraft ©Polar Bears International

    Visit Polar Bears International here

    They have lots of wonderful information about polar bears and how you can get involved and help them.


  5. Have you got 20 minutes to spare?  If so, the British Trust for Ornithology need some help!

    They are running a Tawny Owl Survey and they need as many people as possible to exercise their ears and listen out for these beautiful animals.

    All you have to do is listen for just 20 minutes during at least one evening between now and 31 March 2019.  You’re listening for the beautiful Tawny Owl, and you don’t have to have a garden – you can lie in bed and listen for the Tawny Owl or head to your local park or woodland. 

    Even if you don’t hear anything, that will help.   Every survey answer helps, even zero.  The video below from You Tube shows you what to listen out for.


    You can listen for their hooting and kee-wick calls between sunset and midnight.   You need to let the BTO know the date, start time of your survey, estimated cloud cover and whether or not you hear an owl!

    If you hear a Tawny Owl at another time of the week outside the survey, you can record that as well, and you can record your weekly results online.

    It will be even more helpful if you can repeat your survey in the weeks leading up to 31 March 2019.   The more weeks you can listen the better – gaps between them don’t matter – but do as many weeks as you can.

    If you enjoy taking part you can repeat your survey in subsequent weeks. The more weeks that you can listen the better, but you can do as many or as few weeks as you are able. Gaps between weeks don't matter.

    Download the instructions here.

    If you'd prefer to record on paper recording sheets rather than use our online system, you can - email us at [email protected] or call 01842 750050.



  6. Love animals and want to get close up and personal with them or try your hand at something new? 

    Then there's great news from gift experience company Into the Blue to check out their animal experiences!

    A Sheepdog Experience is one of the animal experiences available at Into the Blue
    A Sheepdog Experience is one of the animal experiences
    available at Into the Blue

    Try out your shepherding skills!

    They've got a special offer on - use the code ‘ITBKISS15'  until midnight on Thursday 14th February for Valentine's Day.

    Try flying birds to your hand
    Fly away to see their Falconry Experiences

    This code will give 15% off any* experience purchase UP TO £250.00  (there is no minimum spend)

    Try your hand at photographing Big Cats

    Try your hand at photographing Big Cats

    Even if you don't want to buy a Valentine's gift as such, this could be a great way to grab an animal experience with a special offer.

    Birds of Prey Photography

    There's Birds of Prey Photography


    *The usual product and affiliate program restrictions apply.  There are some non-discountable products which aren't eligible for this offer and you'll find them here.

  7. There's a new arrival at ZSL London Zoo

    Sumatran Tiger Asim came to the UK from Denmark in true tiger fashion.  He's come as a mate for resident female tiger, Melati.

    Asim had warm straw, snacks and drinks and a climate control.  His new keepers had visited him in Denmark to meet him and get to know him.  They discovered that he loves to play, loves to play, especially by pouncing on piles of empty boxes sprayed with strong scents such as herbs and spices.

    Welcome to the UK, Asim!

    So how is the romance going?   

    At the moment, Asim and Melati can smell and see each other from separate paddocks because Asim needs to settle into his new surroundings before he formerly meets Melati.  However, there are good signs - the keepers have seen lots of chuffing, a happy sound tigers to make to let each other know they've got good intentions, so this is a promising start.

    Asim was matched with Melati through the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for Sumatran tigers, which is coordinated by ZSL London Zoo’s experts.  It aims to save the species from extinction. 

    Find out more and buy tickets to ZSL London Zoo

  8. It's that time of year again and many of us will be glued to our TV sets to watch ITV's Britain's Top 100 Dogs Live 2019 on Tuesday evening.

    The one-show takes place on Tuesday 29 January 2019.   It starts at 7:30pm.  

    Ben Fogle and Sara Cox count down the nation's favourite dog breeds, and the top 10 are decided by public vote.  Between presenting the breeds, there are lots of dog stories from around the UK and famous faces too sharing their canine stories.   There are also facts about the heritage, key characteristics and personality traits of all the breeds in the top 100 chart.  At the moment, there are 217 registered breeds in the UK so the programme covers quite a few of them!

    Who is the Top Breed in the UK?  Dig for further info
    Who is the Top Breed in the UK?  Dig for further info

    So who are the Top Ten Breeds you can vote for?

    In no particular order, they are:

    • Springer Spaniel
    • Labrador
    • Cocker Spaniel
    • German Shepherd
    • Cockapoo
    • Boxer
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    • Golden Retriever
    • Border Collie
    • Mixed Breed
    I know who is my top breed and my top dog, but you can vote here (T&Cs apply).