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  1. Hedgehog Close from BHPS won the prestigious Charity Film Award this summer.

    Hedgehog Close was conceived and produced by Zest Productions, with the support of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the Environment Trust. It was voiced over by Gordon Buchanan.   A big well done to eveyrone involved in the film.  You can watch it here:

    If you want to help hedgehogs, there are a couple of petitions you can sign - find out more here.

    Meantime, you could also look to see what you can to do help hedgehogs at Hedgehog Street.  This is run by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES.  Over 53,000 people have become Hedgehog Champions! 

    Find out more at Hedgehog Street.

  2. Bird Feeding station wtih 4 feeders from Thompson & Morgan

    Bird Feeding station with 4 feeders from Thompson & Morgan
    was £29.99, now £24.99

    Treat your local birds to a tasty and varied feast by hanging the 4 feeders that are supplied with the bird feeding station; there are 2 seed feeders, 1 nut and 1 fat ball feeder. Each feeder can be hung from the curved metal hanging frame or side rail of this traditional-design feeding station. A water dish and a mesh food tray are also included, so you really can put out a wide array of tasty treats for your lucky garden birds!

    Bird Feeding Station with 4 Bird Feeders £29.99 ONLY £24.99

    Hurry, this offer ends midnight tomorrow, 29th September or while stocks last.

    Fly away to Thompson & Morgan's website to find out more! 


  3. Special Offer - 20% off Falconry Experiences at Into the Blue

    Into the Blue have Falconry Experiences all over country so fly away to their website now and see what's in your area! 

    To redeem the 20% offer, simply enter the code when prompted at checkout. Offer valid until midnight on 3rd October 2018. Offer valid on products sold via the Into The Blue website only. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Into The Blue reserves the right to change or stop the promotion at any time. Only one discount may be used per order. The offer excludes selected experiences and all products over £250. For full terms and conditions, please visit www.intotheblue.co.uk



  4. Enjoy 15% off many experiences between £20 and £250 at Into the Blue.   

    So they have a range of animal experiences, from Husky Rides and Horse Drawn Carriage rides in Sussex, to a Border Collie Experience (Leicestershire) and a Sheepdog Training Day (West Yorkshire).  There's also a Shire Horse Experience Day in Shropshire.

    Use the code ITBSEPT15 

    Husky Rides in Sussex
    A Shire Horse Experience Day in Shropshire

    You can go Alpaca Trekking, try your hand at Big Cat Photography, meet meerkats, find out more about bee-keeping, and even have a crocodile experience.

    A Border Collie Experience in Leicestershire Discover the art of bee-keeping

    There are also a wide range of Falconry experiences all around the country, too.  These are a great chance to get outdoors and try something new.  Often falconry was referred to as the Sport of Kings, and many say it is the oldest field sport in the world.  Today, it’s all about watching these amazing birds for the joy of it, and it’s a great chance to find out more about them and watch their incredible wingspans. 

    Falconry in Dorset Falconry in Lanarkshire

    Use the code ITBSEPT15   

    It is valid until midnight on Sunday 16th September 2018.

    Some experiences are excluded from this offer

  5. One action we can all take every day is to feed our garden birds and look after ourw ildlife as best we can. 

    I’ve just put out more water for our ground wildlife – we’ve had a couple of hedgehogs this summer – and the birds love taking a dip in the bird bath and having a sip at its edge.

    And as autumn starts to close in, I’m thinking about making sure pets and wildlife are well fed and watered and sheltered over the winter.  At the first forecast of snow, I’m – yes, panic buying – but not so much for me, for the animals in my care.

    The RSPB Online Shop is giving 20% suet bumper boxes to help you get ready for winter and feed your garden birds. 

    High energy sprinkles Buggy nibbles Mealworm super suet balls

    There are some great prices on...

    • Buggy Nibbles, 12.75kg - £39.99 NOW £31.99
    • High energy sprinkles, 12.75 kg - £ 39.99 NOW £31.99
    • Super suet balls x 150 - £ 34.00 NOW £27.20
    • Sunflower hearts super suet balls x 150
    • Mealworm super suet balls x 150 - £ 36.00 NOW £28.80

    Mealworm super suet cakes x 40 - £ 44.99 NOW £35.99

    Fly away to the RSPB Online Shop here

  6. If you want to get a squirrel proof feeder for the birds in your garden, take a look at Garden Widllife Direct.

    Get 15% off Squirrel Proof Feeders at Garden Wildlife Direct

    They are giving 15% off squirrel proof feeders until 11:59pm on Monday 3rd September 2018.  

    Enter code SP15 for your 15% off on all Squirrel Proof Feeders - there's no minimum spend :-)

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    • Enter code SP10 for 10% OFF (no minimum spend) all Squirrel Proof Feeders. 
    • Free delivery applies to 12.5kg bird food sacks and above, or orders over £25 to UK mainland postcodes. This excludes those designated as out of areas. Orders under 12.5Kg, less than £25 or classed as out of areas will be subject to variable delivery charges. 
    • Please see website for full details. 


  7. So I was watching the Big Week at the Zoo tonight (Channel 5 every night this week beginning Monday 20 August 2018 at 8pm) and was moved to tears by the sight of one of the bears rescued from a museum in Japan feeling grass between his paws for the first time.

    The expression on this bear's face was just amazing.

    The four bears were rescued from Japan by Yorkshire Wildlife Park... here's their story from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park's You Tube Channel

    Well done to everyone involved in Japan and at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, and good luck to the bears and the staff caring for them, hope all goes well.

    Visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park's website to find out more about it :-) 


  8. The RSPB Online Shop has some special offers on their binoculars at the moment, so this could be a great time to treat yourself and get watching the birds and wildlife with them!

    Special offers from the RSPB Online Shop on binoculars

    You can save up to £50 on some pairs!

    If you're looking for a cheaper pair of binoculars, you could take a look at the RSPB Puffin® binoculars from £54.95 which aren't currently on offer but great value.   These are for adults and older children.  They are supplied with a case and a strap, plus a bird identification guide and a free pin badge. 

    RSPB Puffin Binoculars from the RSPB Online Shop
    RSPB Puffin® binoculars from £54.95

    Go shopping for binoculars with the RSPB now


  9. This week sees the start of a series on Channel 5 – Big Week at the Zoo

    Presented by Helen Skelton and Nick Baker, the series celebrates the conservation work of British zoos.

    It’s based at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and will run at 8pm each night for five nights.

    Monday kicks off with finding out how the animals coped at Chessington Zoo during the recent heatwave.

    And also we’ll find out how the Sumatran orangutans coped in Jersey.

    Tuesday sees a visit to the pandas in Edinburgh, plus Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright does the rounds with Jersey vet Andrew Routh and helps the world’s most endangered tortoise.

    On Wednesday, it’s off to Flamingo Land to follow vet Gemma as she does her rounds.  Steve Leonard visits the 140+ species there.

    On Thursday, we’re at Colchester Zoo, where two female rhinos are waiting for the return of prospective pramour Otto, and the zebras have a pedicure in Yorkshire.

    Miranda Krestovniko visits the Deep Aquarium in Hull on Friday.  There she helps massage a turtle who was injured by a propeller.


    Yorkshire Wildlife Park, by the way, have just taken in 4 bears from the Japan where they were housed in out-dated conditions.  No Japanese zoo was able to help, so the Park in Yorkshire stepped in to lend a paw.

    There’s more exciting news for wildlife, as next Spring 2019, Koalas will be arriving in Longleat….

    (Wednesday’s programme coincides with the second of three programmes called Orangutan Jungle School on Channel 4.


  10. Longleat has been in the news recently as in the spring of 2019, they are to have a number of koalas join them. 

    And there's more news for you if you're thinking about visiting Longleat before then - those fabulous people at Picniq have got an exclusive offer, with 30% off all tickets!   The offer is valid until the Longleat season closes on 4th November 2018.

    Longleat Safari Park is based outside of Warminster in Wiltshire.  There is an amazing amount to see:   Jungle Kingdom, Safari Drive Adventure, Penguin Bay, Adventure Park, Longleat House and much, much more!  Longleat House has the jaw-dropping Great Hall with its 30 high ceilings, whilst the library has over 40,000 books... 

    Grab the 30% off tickets at Longleat now - go to Picniq

    The discount gives great savings - a family of 4 can save £18.32 over the best discount available on the Longleat website and it saves £36.68 over the gate price!!!!

    Buy your tickets now

    There's also a couple of voucher offers when you buy these tickets - a £10 ASK Italian voucher if you spend over £30 + a £5 discount off your next Picniq order

    Visit Picniq here