Pony gifts for pony mad girls

Pony mad girls (and women) can drive everyone to distraction with their tails of ponies and horses - but a little girl's love for ponies makes present shopping for her family & friends much easier!   What's more, you don't have to know any more about horses & ponies other than the fact that one end bites and the other kicks and provides excellent manure for the garden... All you have to do is to show your little girl that you understand her passion for ponies...Here are some ideas..
How about a Thelwell Advent Calendar as a gallop up to Christmas?

I've always loved Thelwell, his cartoons are just great, and here's a Thelwell  Cavalcade Advent Calendar for £5.99 from the CalendarClub.co.uk.  There's a Christmas sticker behind each image.

The CalendarClub also have a Thelwell calendar for 2023. Race off to see more Thelwell gifts here

Hive.co.uk has a number of colouring books 

Keep children occupied on the wetter days of the holidays with horse colouring books!   They can get creative and colour in their favourite animal - horses!  Most kids love colouring in - and there's plenty of choice.  They make for good value, as well, since they'll keep children occupied for a while.  

Hive.co.uk has a number of colouring books with an animal theme, many of them focusing on horses, such as this First Colouring Book for £3.99.  

How about a personalised cocoa mug from Emma Bridgewater?
Perfect for that mug of cocoa at bedtime
after a busy day with the ponies! 
From £27.00 from Emma Bridgewater

 Or there's a personalised pony 1/2 Pint Mug too!
Or there's a personalised pony 1/2 Pint Mug too! 
Just the thing after a ride in the winter for that warming hot drink!
From £23.00, also from Emma Bridgewater

Gifts for pony mad girls

If you're looking for great gift ideas for pony mad girls, take a swift canter over to Luvponies. They have a wide range of gift ideas - everything a pony mad girl could want!  You'll be absolutely amazed at the range of things available, for pony parties - pony straws & pony party bunting, pre-filled pony party bags, & pony gifts - horse monopoly (see below), pony puppet making kits to keep your little girl active & occupied when the weather is too bad for riding, even bags of pony cola bottles. Then there's clothing, with t-shirts, socks, riding hat covers, gloves & hoodies.  From ‘Been There Jumped That Got the Scars to Prove It’ to ‘Talk to the Hoof’, they'll have a slogan for you.

I'm particularly impressed though with their selection for pony bedrooms;  from duvet covers (see below) to wall murals, memo boards & fabric bins, laundry bags, curtains & pony rugs, your child will be more than happy when it's time for bed - and she can read her pony books with the help of her pony lamp.  There's also a pretty range of jewellery including Wild Watches & a lovely Horse Heart Locket, pictured below
Finally, do point your pony mad girl in the direction of Luvponies' Pony Jigsaw & Pony Fun section & she may well want to send in a picture of her pony to try for Pony of the Week... meantime, here are three gift ideas from Luvponies
 Trot over to Luvponies.com

Yes I Smell Like a Horse ... and Your Point Is? Messenger Bag
Living Nature have a soft toy horse with jacket Living Nature have a soft toy horse with jacket.  The horse is 18cm high and comes with a bridle.  You can take the jacket off, too!  A carry case and an owner's manual is included.  £21.99 from Living Nature