Horse Experience Days


There's nothing like being with horses to forget your troubles or worries, so here are some great animal experience days for all horse lovers.  You don't even need to actually ride - you can enjoy a horse experience from the ground or in a carriage. A horse day make a great gifts for horse lovers, too.

Red Letter Days  have  a number of horse experiences, several of which are listed below, for anyone who'd love to have a go at horse riding - this gift experience is said to cater for beginners & novices alike, plus experienced riders. 

You can get 15% off most experiences at Red Letter Days, including special offers and 2 for 1s, until 31 December 2021 with the code AHW2021RED!   Canter off here to see their horse experiences.

 Introduction to Horse Riding in Nottinghamshire

Introduction to Horse Riding in Nottinghamshire
Another experience that's perfect for beginners!  On arrival, meet your horse and have a practical 30 minute group horse riding lesson, led by an experienced instructor.  Then there's a buffet lunch, followed by a one hour trek through the beautiful and historic and archaeological site of Creswell Crags.  Take home a framed photograph of your horse to show off to friends and family.

Go to Red Letter Days for more information

Horseriding Experience for Two at Plum Pudding Equestrian Centre

Horseriding Experience for Two at Plum Pudding Equestrian Centre
£49.00 (Use the code : AHW2021RED before 31 December 2021 and get 15% off with Red Letter Days)
Get into the saddle for a horse-riding lesson for two.  Red Letter Days says this is ideal for beginners or for those a little more trained in the field.  There's a seasoned instructor is at hand to help you.  You'll learn how to safely and confidently ride a horse, and then trot out on a relaxing hack.  More info

Hot tips for you about booking any horse experience:

First, be honest about your weight so that the stables can be sure they can provide you with an appropriate horse

Second, be honest about the amount of experience in the saddle you've had so that again you can be matched up with an appropriate horse or pony and have an expereince which is right for your ability.

Third, just check the level of experience required in case things have changed since we penned the above.

Please note before you buy...

Please check all terms & conditions, the location, minimum requirements e.g. ages and weights and anything else before buying.  Some are included in the above descriptions but not all. We do not take responsibility for any accidents caused to you, your horse or others during these experiences or for content of those sites you move over to.  Take good note of the length of time your voucher is valid for.   We are not responsible for any changes in location.