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Meerkats have stolen the hearts of many animal lovers, so if you have a meerkat lover in your family, why not treat them to a Meerkat Encounter? 

We gave my Dad this for his 80th birthday present at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. The keeper who took him to the Meerkat enclosure was friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the meerkats in his care. Dad sat on a log, & quickly became a human climbing frame as the meerkats crawled all over him.  One even stuck his nose in Dad's jacket!  As Dad fed the meerkats their breakfast, the keeper told him all about their characteristics & habits.  It was the best birthday present we've even given Dad - I've never seen such a smile on his face!   I highly recommend this gift.

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 Meerkat Experience for One at Drusillas Park Meerkat Experience for One at Drusillas Park
East Sussex
An animal keeper at the park will give you a behind the scenes tour before taking you to the Meerkat Enclosure.  Here there's a health and safety briefing, and then the keeper will discuss the meerkats with you and explain how they are cared for at the park.  Then it's time to begin to prepare the meerkas food and enrichment, which makes sure they receive a diverse and varied diet, before feeding the Meekats their snack.  After helping with some of the daily keeper routines, you can get close up and personal for photos.  You can arrive early & stay at the park to enjoy the other attractions and animals, and a 20% discount for the participant in the experience is included in the Explorers Café Restaurant. Find out more/Buy now from Virgin Experience Days
 Animal Encounter at Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo

Animal Encounter at Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo for Two
North Yorkshire
Virgin Experience Days have an Animal Encounter experience at Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo.   At the time of writing (so please check the experience info before you buy in case of any changes), one of the animals you could choose to have an encounter with is the meerkat.  You'll meet one of the animal keepers who will take you to the Meerkat Encounter.  Find out all about these animals while giving them a snack and getting close up & personal!  There's a tour of the Meerkat house afterwards which will give you the chance to discover all about the day in the life of a meerkat!   Buy this gift from Virgin Experience Days