Get Active with Animals and Connect with Nature

Whether you want to walk with llamas, ride horses, volunteer, enjoy time in the countryside or get close up and personal on an experience day, we've got ideas for you. Plus there's info on animal holidays & travel, & conservation volunteer weekends. 

Caring for your pets in cold weather

For advice on helping pets and wildlife in hot weather, visit the RSPCA 

For information on charities helping the animals in the wildfires in Greece, click here.

Please look after yourselves and your animals.  

Volunteer for animals
Find out about animal awareness days in 2023 

Increase your awareness!

Wherever you are in the world, there are lots of ways you can get involved in helping animals from home.  

There are awareness days right across the year for many different types of animals from red pandas to manatees, polar bears to cheetahs.  There's a list of them here and awareness days are a great way for us all to increase our understanding of different species, the challenges facing them and how we can all help.   

Check out the 2023 awareness days calendar here from our sister website, Animals Charities.

For wet days or lazy days - 
A word search - find the wildlife

 Owl experiences...
The Kent Owl Academy has owl experiences for adults and children and if you're really, really serious about owls, you could also volunteer - fly away for more info here