A day out with Shire Horses


Introducing Trooper, Britain's largest police horse - an 18.2 hands high Shire horse 
(Trooper has come from the Cumbrian Heavy Horses centre)

There's nothing quite like the majestic giant of a Shire horse. One of the best loved draught horses, these wonderful animals have served mankind well for years

About Shire Horses

Shire horses are tall, averaging 17 hands (that's over 6 and a half feet) plus. Known for their strength, they have been popluar for pulling brewery wagons to deliver ale to customers. Still today, Shires are often used in forestry and for leisure. The Shire Horse Society was founded in 1884. Since the 1950s and 1960s, their popularity fell, as they were taken over by mechanical things such as tractors & lorries. But today their popularity is increasing, yet they are still at critical levels, according to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust

The Shire Horse Society has information  on how you can help Shire Horses thrive, e.g. by giving a donation in memory of someone, or becoming a member

Days out with Heavy Horses

The Northcote Heavy Horse and Animal Sanctuary has a heavy horse experience
The Northcote Heavy Horse and Animal Sanctuary has a heavy horse experience

They are based in Lincolnshire and have a number of different heavy horse breeds.
Visit their website here.

Cheshire - the Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre in the heart of Cheshire has Shire horse experience days - you can have a Shire Horse Encounter or a  Championship Experience and it's a great way to support the centre and the horses.  

Sussex - Keep an eye on the Weald and Downland Museum - they have a number of courses with Heavy Horses, so watch for their updates of course lists.  They are near Chichester in Sussex.  

Adopt a heavy horse from the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park
Adopt a heavy horse from the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park

Dorset - there's the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park. You could adopt a heavy horse for £39.00! 

Suffolk - there's of course The Suffolk Punch Trust, dedicated to preserving this amazing breed of horse.  You can adopt a Suffolk Punch to support the Trust here and you can visit as well, though they don't have an experience day as such

Cumbria - there's Cumbrian Heavy Horses with riding on fields, fells and beaches.

West Yorkshire - Holme Valley Heavy Horses has both full and half day heavy horse experiences.  You could even spend time with Major, the Peaky Blinders star!  They have Clydesdales and Shires.

Gloucestershire - Coldcroft Shires have full and half day experiences.  You can learn how to harness a working heavy horse and how to long rein using traditional farming horse drawn equipment.

Shropshire - Shire and Carriage Horses have experience days and they have provided horses for film and TV work on a number of productions you'd recognise! 

Shropshire - Middle Farm and Cottages have a Shire Horse experience 

EssexHawthorn Heavy Horses has horse logging experience days and carriage driving experience days.   

Northumberland - Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre is home to both heavy horses and rare breeds of other animals too  

Pembrokeshire - Cardigan Shires  have shire horse experience days and carriage rides with afternoon tea

East Ayshire - Blackstone Clydesdales have a number of experiences, including Cuddle Time with a Clydesdale! 

The Ostler Carriage Company is a carriage company if you're looking for horses for weddings, funerals, film work, special occasions and more!

Shire Horse Shows

There are also a number of Shire horse shows during the year and you can find out about these on the Shire Horse Society's website.   The National Shire Horse Show is on the 7, 8 and 9 March 2025 at the Staffordshire County Showground.   Find out more here.