Short Conservation Volunteer Holidays in Europe

Those lovely folk at Responsible Travel list a number of volunteer holidays for animals in Europe!  From wolf tracking to whale & dolphin research, volunteering with bears to helping rescued chimps in Spain, turtle conservation in Greece to conservation volunteering in Germany, there's an interesting variety of volunteer holidays to be had.  Here are just a few of them.
Volunteer with Bears in Romania Volunteering with Bears in Romania
This is just such a wonderful picture of a bear at a sanctuary in Braslov, Romania. And here's the chance to spend from a minimum of two weeks working in this haven for rescued brown bears in the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. You can help these bears in Romania on this holiday by caring for them - feeding them, monitoring their progress, helping at the bear hospital, maintaining fences and doing tours for visitors.  Click here for more details on this holiday volunteering with bears in Romania. 
Carpathian Mountains holiday, conservation & culture

Carpathian Mountains holiday, conservation & culture
Locals and wildlife have existed for centuries in Transylvania in central Romania.  The area has Europe's highest concentration of bears, wolves and lynx.  You'll spend days on walks through spectacular canyons, virgin forests and Saxon villages.  Head off in search of brown bears and explore Brasov, a medieval town, and Bran castle, the residence of Count Dracula!  Local programmes have been established to make the conservation of bears, wolves and lynx economically profitable for local people and give locals an incentive to preserve the wilderness.  During the week you'll also visit a Beaver Re-introduction programme.  Click here for further details. 

Whale and Dolphin Research in the Ligurian Sea, Italy   Whale and Dolphin Research in the Ligurian Sea, Italy
The Ligurian Sea is home to one of the highest concentrations of dolphins & whales in the Med but it's also a great habitat for all the cetacean species found there.  Sadly, human activity can threaten these populations.  However, you can help with field activities to investigate the distribution, ecology, habitat preferences & behaviour of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary. You'll be a full member of the crew, assigned duties such as research tasks, helping to operate the vessel, cooking & cleaning. The main duties are based on a rota, and incude watches in search of cetaceans, computer shifts (that's data entry & hydrphone listening), checking the boat course, cooking & boat keeping duties. Click here for more info on this whale & dolphin conservation holiday