New online courses with Cats Protection

Did you know that the cat charity Cats Protection has online courses you can do about cats?  There are a couple of courses and they are free to everyone!

Cats Protection were founded in 1927 and they've helped a HUGE number of cats and kittens - homing over 1.5 million of them to new owners!  And they've championed the rights of many, many others.   Their aims are re-homing, neutering and information, all of which combine to improve the lives and welfare of cats throughout the UK! 

So it's good to see them offering online courses - you can do them in one go or in chunks, it's up to you. 

 Find out about Cats Protection's online courses

Understanding Cat’ Needs

Why do cats do what cats do?   This course is delivered both to Cats Protection staff and volunteers and it’s well suited to adults and older children interested in cat care. 

There’s a reminder about the 5 welfare needs all cat owners must provide for their puss:  the need for a suitable environment, the need to have their personal space respected, the need for a suitable diet, the need to exhibit normal behaviour patterns and the need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

Then it’s off to meet the cats:  Sandy, an African wild cat;  Bob, a domestic cat, and Hope, a Cats Protection Cat.

The course covers aspects such as:

  • Solitary
  • Communication
  • Reproduction
  • Sleeping
  • Stress and conflict
  • Toileting
  • Hunting
  • Drinking

There’s a quiz you can take at the end and there’s also the chance to find out more about Cats Protection and how you can get involved.

Find out about Cats Protection's online courses here

Don't forget to check out Cats Protection's seasonal advice 

The other course is an Interactive House Plan.    

Bob the cat is moving house with his owners but where should they put his things in the new house?  This is a great way to consider your cats’s needs and to think about what should go where so puss feels safe and happy. 

Find out more about the interactive courses here.

Miaow for now!