Rambling & Ambling

Instead of spending money and time at the weekend in the shops, get out in to the fresh air and really explore the magnificent countryside around you. Get walking with the Ramblers' Association, who have a wide range of walks from easy to tough!  
Benefits of walking?  Well, it's:
  • FREE to do :-)
  • Fun - do it with a friend
  • A really good way to burn off calories, while doing it and for a few hours afterwards :-)
  • A stress great buster
  • Acess to places you've never been before that you can't go by car or bus
  • A chance to explore the world in which you live but don't see very often
  • An opportunity to see how others live i.e. the animal world!

10 Tips...

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2.  Dress for the weather and check the forecast before you go
  3. Purrlease observe the Countryside Code
  4. Tell someone reliable where you are going and what time you expect to be back
  5. Take water to drink with you for you and your dog, if you have one
  6. Please take rubbish home with you - take a bag to put it in - here's the animals' plea
  7. Have fun on your walk
  8. When the going gets tough, remember the Wombles' song - "Exercise is good for you, laziness is not.."
  9. Arrange to meet a friend and walk together
  10. Do it again!
  11. Plan a walking holiday - a wonderful way to explore pastures new and get a real break away
 You can enjoy a good walk and fresh air at any age
Get close to nature and feel the real world around you!

The Wildlife Trust has 2,250 reserves and gives you the opportunity to learn more about nature and wildlife, there's the chance to buy wildlife related goods and get some refreshment.  Click HERE to find your nearest reserve. 
The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust has 9 beautiful reserves you can enjoy a stroll round
The Woodland Trust has over 1,000 woods, which you can enjoy every day of the year. 

The National Trust cares for over 700 miles of coastline, and 600,000 acres of beautiful countryside - find out more about National Trust membership here
Ordnance Survey has all the detailed maps you'll need with vital info such as the nearest pub - and if you're looking for dog friendly pubs, then take a look at Doggie Pubs