The Countryside

The countryside can be very soothing and give us a gentle, healing environment in which to enjoy a day or afternoon after a stressful week. So here are some ideas of places you can go to enjoy nature & her healings, alone or with friends and family, and just relax for a few hours or more. De-stress from yoru week, burn off some calories and get your heart pumping - and have some fun.

PLEASE remember your responsibilities when you're in the countryside - Take Litter Home With You as it can injure or kill wildife.  Be careful not to do anything which could start fires.  Keep dogs on leads where requested.  Keep gates shut if asked, or leave them open if asked. All your actions can impact on the health and wellbeing of our wildlife & farm animals so think as you go.  The Countryside Code is here
Get close up to nature
Benefit from nature's soothing, gentle environment and watching the wildlife by taking time out on an RSPB nature reserve. T he  RSPB membership gives you FREE access to 100  nature reserves. That's nearly 2 to visit every week of the year!  Family memberships are available
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Visit wetlands
The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is a leading conservation organisation, saving wetlands for wildlife and people worldwide.  Why not visit a member of the WWT near you this weekend?
Find your nearest Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Countryside Access
Lots of ideas of things you can do on foot, bike, horse, canoe, hang-glider plus excellent advice on keeping safe in the countryside. If you have a disability, you may find the Countryside pages helpful
Countryside activities
Go for a walk with a llama
It's a great way to spend some time, and the opportunity to walk with a llama is all over the UK.  Walk with a llama - and feel calmer!!
Find a your nearest walk with a llama
Trees matter
 The Tree Council organises events to encourage people to get out there and get walking, and enjoy the trees and woods in spring.  There'll be wildlife lurking in every undergrowth and in each tree - you just may not see them!
 Get ready for Seed Gathering Season in late September/early October
Wildlife Trusts
It's amazing how much is happening at the 46 or so wildlife trusts around the UK - events, courses, days out, fun to have, animals to see, a world to discover.
Find your local Wildlife Trust
Help with a survey & Sightings
with groups such as the Amphibian & Reptile Group.
Get out there and connect with the real world this weekend