Owl Experience


Owls hold a great fascination for many of us. They are amazing birds, since they can hunt at speed with great precision in the dark - and an owl experience will give you the chance to get close up to these wonderful creatures & to find out more about them.

There are opportunities to get to know these amazing creatures better and there are plenty of experience days you can treat a bird lover to - some are specifically with owls, while others include owls and other birds.  

Owl experiences make great gifts for bird lovers, animal lovers or anyone who wants to get closer to nature and discover more about these beautiful birds. Please read the T&Cs, key info/need to know notes before you buy.

Introduction to Owl Handling - a 2 for 1 Offer from Virgin Experience Days Introduction to Owl Handling in Kent - a 2 for 1 Offer from Virgin Experience Days
Kent only
Was £178, now £89
Meet & green some of the owls, find out about their habitats in the wild and hold & fly a selection of owls!  There's expert tuition from the handler.  After your 1 hour experience, why not look around the rest of the park and say hello to a few snakes or mammals?   Please note the Need to Know notes for this experience.  Click here to fly to Virign Experience Days for more info and to buy this gift

Owl Evening for Two, Gloucestershire

Owl Evening for Two, Gloucestershire
Your falconer will run through what to expect from the evening when you arrive.  Then it's off on a tour of owl wood - you'll see your first owls in their aviaries and hear them start their spooky evening calls.  Then enjoy some light refreshments at the centre before getting close up and personal with these wonderful birds.  Handle a number of different species, finding out all about them and taking photos.  Watch a fantastic owl flying display before finishing with a Question & Answer session. Go to Red Letter Days to buy this gift 

 Into the Blue have a wide range of falconry experiences

Into the Blue have a wide range of falconry experiences around the country.  

These days provide a great chance to really find out a lot more about birds of prey - which will on many an occasion include the majestic owl!  

Introduction to Owl Handling in Kent, Fife or Northamptonshire

Introduction to Owl Handling   
Northampton, Fife or Kent
This is a great chance to meet owls from the small Barn Owl to the large Eagle Owl, and learn about their lives and habitats during this 1 to 2 hour experience.  After some basic handling instruction, experience the thrill first hand as you fly them loose and have them return to your gloved fist. The span of an owl's wing is just incredible and this is a superb way to really appreciate the wonders of these incredible birds.

This is available from Virgin Experience Days 

Little & Large Falconry Experience in Bedfordshire

Little & Large Falconry Experience in Wilstead, Bedfordshire 
After coffee and discussing the itinerary with the resident falconer, meet the birds!  Handle and fly some of the centre's smallest raptors such as kestrels and different owls including Barn Owls, Woodford Owls, Mottled Owls, tiny Scops Owls and more.  Then it's time to meet the big hitters - American Bald Eagles, White Tailed Sea Eagles, African Fish Eagles, Blue Chilean Eagles and Steppe Eagles among others.  Go to Red Letter Days for more info and to buy this gift 

Extended Falconry

Extended Falconry
This 6 hour experience gives you a great chance to get to know some awesome birds of prey and discover all about the relationship between a falconer and his falcon.  Find out about the talent and abilities you need to handle these birds - and the conservation work being done to help them.  There are 14 centres to choose from on this bird handling and bird flying experience, and expert advice & tuition on hand. 
Go to Virgin Experience Days for more info and to buy this gift.  
There's also a  Falconry Taster on offer for only £19.50 with 7 locations available! 

Birds of Prey Experience in the West Midlands Birds of Prey Experience in the West Midlands
This centre has been running for over 20 years so it has lots of experience in providing hands-on bird displays and flying experiences.  After tea & coffee, there's a brief introduction to the centre's work and a tour.  Meet and interact with Harris Hawks, Barn Owls, Buzzards and Eagle Owls, learning their individual habits, hunting behaviour, and characteristics, before being introduced to the basics of falconry. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to fly a bird to your hand, wearing the protective gauntlet and with an instructor close by.  £67.  Click here to go to Buy a Gift
Ultimate Half Day Eagle Experience in Bedfordshire Ultimate Half Day Eagle Experience in Wilstead, Bedfordshire
Or, as a change to owls, how about this Ultimate Half Day Eagle Experience?  There's coffee first and a talk through of the itinerary with the resident falconer.  Enjoy a guided tour of the falconry centre with a small bird of prey on your glove to meet and get used to some of the smaller residents.  Then it's off to the Eagles - Bald Eagles, White Tailed Sea Eagles, African Fish Eagles, Blue Chilean Eagles and Steppe Eagles among others.  Handle and free fly one of these magnificent creatures within the arena.  A great opportunity for anyone who'd love to get close to these wonderful animals.  For £79.00  Go to Red Letter Days for more information.

In all instances, please check the key info/notes before you buy and also do a final check that the locations of these owl experience days is right for you on the relevant site you click through to from here.  We are not responsible for any change in venues. Thank you.