Get Active for Animals


Get active in your home and garden!  Now that it's getting colder, the RSPB remind us that birds need feeding.  We have the perfect excuse to leave our gardens - or at least, a corner of them - in a bit of a mess to give a home to hedgehogs.  In the dark nights ahead, this is the perfect time to catch up with some nature programmes and also to get stuck into wildlife magazines. 

Helping animals provides an excellent way for you to boost your activity levels - and you don't even need to be hands - or paws - on.  You can help by activities such as:



"We all need your help...
so what's holding you back from helping us?"
There are lots of things you can do to help animal charities in your area: 
  • mucking out
  • grooming
  • cleaning
  • washing
  • soothing and stroking 
  • gardening
  • ground work and maintenance
  • dog walking
  • fund-rasiing
  • campaigning
  • collecting money boxes on foot
Brain power, hands and fingers will come in handy for activities such as talking, writing, designing posters to publicise events and campaigning.  
You could also see what you can do for BadgersBatsBirdsButterfliesCatsDogsDolphinsDonkeysDragonfliesFerretsFlamingoesFoxes,Frogs, toads,  Goats,  HaresHedgehogsHelp horsesOttersOwls,  Parrots,  RabbitsSealsShark egg hunts SnakesSquirrelsSwansTortoiseTurtles and Whales  
Click HERE for a list of animal charities on our sister site, Animals Charities.  Most of them are the larger charities, so don't forget the many small ones.