Get Active for Animals


Helping animals provides an excellent way for you to boost your activity levels - and you don't even need to be hands - or paws - on.  You can help by activities such as:
  • Foster an animal short or long term(i.e. the animal comes to stay with you temporarily)  - many animal charities are crying out for fosterers

  • Do a sponsored event - it doesn't need to be a 26 mile marathon - it could be a walk around Battersea Park in London to help the Ethiopian wolf

  • Try a charity challenge - many animal charities offer these as a way to raise money.  Go outside your comfort zone and push yourself that bit further to make a difference to animals you care about.

  • Supporting an event, or visiting an animal charity or farm in your area or while you are on holiday

  • Helping and doing something in times of disaster, such as the pandas in China or animals in Burma after the cyclone

  • Helping those charities who are working to help animals and people stay together, such as the Cinnamon Trust which means that animals don't end up in rescue centres looking for new homes

  •  Clicking on the pc or your mobile to spread the word!    


"We all need your help...
so what's holding you back from helping us?"
There are lots of things you can do to help animal charities in your area: 
  • mucking out
  • grooming
  • cleaning
  • washing
  • soothing and stroking 
  • gardening
  • ground work and maintenance
  • dog walking
  • fund-rasiing
  • campaigning
  • collecting money boxes on foot
Brain power, hands and fingers will come in handy for activities such as talking, writing, designing posters to publicise events and campaigning.  
Click HERE for a list of animal charities on our sister site, Animals Charities.  Most of them are the larger charities, so don't forget the many small ones.