Big Cat Experiences


Get close up and personal with the most majestic of animals - the Big Cat!  Big Cat experiences and encounters offer a special opportunity to meet those who care for these wonderful animals and find out what's involved in their daily care.   Some big cat encounters give you the chance to feed a big cat by hand, or to tour big cats and simply find out more about them and conservation efforts, or to practice your photography.   For Big Cat Keeper Experiences, click here.

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Special offers on Big Cat Experiences

Special offers on Big Cat Experiences

Visitors straight from this website can enjoy 15% off animal experiences wtih Red Letter Days including Big Cats as Get Active with Animals is part of the Animal Human Wellbeing family.  (This does exclude any experiences already on special offer.)   Click here to see the Big Cat Experiences available through Red Letter Days.

Big Cat Encounter - Weekdays

Big Cat Encounter - Weekdays 
Take a midweek guided tour around the big cat sanctuary at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.   Learn about the many different breeds, their habitats and conservation status. Thiis a great opportunity to find out how the Foundation is working to stop the extinction of these beautiful animals - and maybe find out how you can help.  The sanctury is not open to the public, so this experience is rather special   As well as the tour, you'll be invited to hand-feed one of the big cats.  Your big cat will reach up to the meet you place through the enclosure and take it from your grasp.  Go to Virgin Experience Days for more information

Breakfast with the Big Cats for Two Breakfast with the Big Cats for Two 
Two of you can enjoy a guided, informative tour of the Big Cats at Paradise Wildlife Park and then tuck into breakfast overlooking the tiger enclosure.  You'll be able to photograph these majestic animals to your heart's content, because this experience takes place before the Park is open to the general public. Spend the rest of the day exploring the park.  This special offer is available from Virgin Experience Days. Please note the Need to Know notes before purchase
Feeding Big Cats for Two in Hertfordshire

Feeding Big Cats for Two in Hertfordshire (Weekends only)
Head to Hertfordshire, where someone from the elite trained big cat team will introduce you to the enclosure and give you a health & safety briefing.  They'll be on hand to talk to you about the history of the big cat you feed, as well as the others they care for (such as snow leopards, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs). Enjoy the day at Paradise Wildlife Park, strolling around and seeing the animals and enjoying the Park's facilities!  This is a two to one experience with just the both of you and a park keeper.  Find out more from Red Letter Days.  You could save yourself about £50 and go for weekdays for £299 - click here to see Feeding Big Cats for Two in Hertfordshire (Weekdays)

 Big Cat Photography

Big Cat Photography
Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside, or Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire
Would you love the chance to photograph lounging lions and tigers, and to get close-ups of cheetahs and jaguars?  This is a great experience for spending time close to big cats and taking shots of them with your camera.  Learn from the experienced host about camera settings that can enhance outdoor photography and use the zoom to get close shots while keeping a safe distance. There is a break for refreshments, and you'll finish with a summary of what has been learnt.  Find out more from Red Letter Days

Big Cat Ranger for a Day - Weekdays Big Cat Ranger for a Day - Weekdays
Kent £275.00
What an opportunity to help out with the care of these wonderful Big Cats!  Start off with a safety briefing, and then enjoy a guided tour of the site.  There are African Lions, 3 Tiger Species, Amur Leopards, Cheetahs and Snow Leopards on this site. Then it's to work, with one of the professional keepers, helping to clean and tend to the Big Cats and their enclosures.  Assist with feeding the cats (this bit is on selected days only).  For £275.00 from Virgin Experience Days.  You can also buy this experience for the weekend for £350 - click here for details 

Watch out for age restrictions and check the Need to know, Important Info or Key Info before you buy.  BOOK EARLY and check the expiry dates on their vouchers.

Please read the key info/important info from these providers on the experience pages before you buy...... It would be a good idea to check you are up to date with tetanus, for instance, & some experiences exclude pregnant women