Big Cat Experiences


Get close up and personal with the most majestic of animals - the Big Cat!  Big Cat experiences and encounters offer a special opportunity to meet those who care for these wonderful animals and find out what's involved in their daily care.   Some big cat encounters give you the chance to feed a big cat by hand, or to tour big cats and simply find out more about them and conservation efforts, or to practice your photography.   

Big Cat Encounter - Weekdays

Big Cat Encounter - Weekdays 
Take a midweek guided tour around the big cat sanctuary at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.  It's home to over 50 cat species, including African lions, Sumatran tigers, jaguars and snow leopards. The Sanctuary is dedicated to saving these endangered species.  Anyway, this is a great chance to get close up and personal with big cats!  You'll have a giuded tour of the big cat sanctuary and hand-feed a big cat!  Please read the Additional Details before you buy for participant guidelines and book early. This is available through Virgin Experience Days.

If you can't do a mid-week encounter, give a Big Cat Encounter a go at a weekend for £249.99. 

Tiger Encounter at Dartmoor Zoo in Devon

Tiger Encounter for Two at Dartmoor Zoo in Devon
Was £298.00, now £149.00
Head to the beautiful county of Devon and come face to face with a Siberian Amur tiger!  After refreshments, there's a short tour of the park - you'll be guided round by a  member of the park's team.  Then go behind the scenes of one of the tiger enclosures.  It's a great opportunity to ask questions and take photos but you need to follow the guide's instructions all the time, as the tiger is a feared predator.   Finally, enjoy a tasty lunch in the Jaguar Restaurant.   Find out more from Virgin Experience Days

 Feed the big cats by hand at Paradise Wildlife Park

Buy a Gift have a number of big cat experiences at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire with different prices for weekends and weekdays and for one or two people.   Several of these involve the opportunity to feed big cats...   Prowl over to Buy a Gift to find out more. 

 Big Cat Photography

Big Cat Photography

Choose from Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire or Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside for your experience.   This is a great chance to capture big cats on camera with guidance from an experienced photography guide, with close up photographic opportunities.  And you'll have access to the safari park after your session.   Available from Into the Blue. 


Snow Leopard Feed and Fossa Training For Two Snow Leopard Feed and Fossa Training For Two
Get up close and personal to the graceful and solitary snow leopard and a fossa, which is a relative of the mongoose.  After a  health and safety briefing, meet the resident fossa and take part in clicker training through a mesh barrier.   Then meet the snow leopard and stick feed them, also through a mesh barrier.   Explore the park afterwards.  Available from Activity Superstore
Big Cat Ranger for the Day Big Cat Ranger for a Day - Weekends 
Kent £350.00
What an opportunity to help out with the care of these wonderful Big Cats!  Spend your day helping a keeper with this incredible Big Cat Ranger for a Day experience in Kent. You could be mucking out the African lion’s enclosures, assisting with feeding or helping with an enrichment feature - this will be an amazing chance to discover more about big cats and to get closer to them.  You'll even get to feed one of them!  Available from Virgin Experience Days.  

Watch out for age restrictions and check the Need to know, Important Info or Key Info before you buy.  BOOK EARLY and check the expiry dates on their vouchers.  

Please read the key info/important info from these providers on the experience pages before you buy...... It would be a good idea to check you are up to date with tetanus, for instance, & some experiences exclude pregnant women