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Get close up and personal with the most majestic of animals - the Big Cat!  Big Cat experiences and encounters offer a special opportunity to meet those who care for these wonderful animals and find out what's involved in their daily care.   Some big cat encounters give you the chance to feed a big cat by hand, or to tour big cats and simply find out more about them and conservation efforts, or to practice your photography.   

Be a Big Cat Ranger for a Day in Kent

Be a Big Cat Ranger for a Day in Kent
From £275 (weekday) to £350 (weekend)
Have a hair-raising animal encounter at the WHF Big Cat Sanctuary and become a big cat ranger for the day.  You'll help one of the keepers their daily tasks such as preparing food and feeding the resident cats, cleaning out the enclosures and making sure the site remains in pristine condition.  You'll also have a tour of the big cat enclosures which enables you to learn all about the unique qualities of each species and the conservation efforts being carried out by the sanctuary. Enjoy a light buffet lunch as part of the experience.  Buy this experience through Red Letter Days  

Tiger Encounter at Dartmoor Zoo in Devon

Tiger Encounter for Two at Dartmoor Zoo in Devon
Was £298.00, now £149.00
Head to the beautiful county of Devon and come face to face with a Siberian Amur tiger!  After refreshments, there's a short tour of the park - you'll be guided round by a  member of the park's team.  Then go behind the scenes of one of the tiger enclosures.  It's a great opportunity to ask questions and take photos but you need to follow the guide's instructions all the time, as the tiger is a feared predator.   Finally, enjoy a tasty lunch in the Jaguar Restaurant.   Find out more from Virgin Experience Days

Entry for Two to Linton Zoo with a Big Cat Meet and Feed

Entry for Two to Linton Zoo with a Big Cat Meet and Feed, Cambridgeshire
Get close up to a tiger or lion and feed them their favourite treats, straight from the hand!   You'll receive a personalised certificate to keep and you can explore the centre at your leisure.   This zoo has everything from giant tortoises and royal python, lilac crowed Amazon parrots and buffalo beetles!  Buy this experience through Red Letter Days 



Watch out for age restrictions and check the Need to know, Important Info or Key Info before you buy.  BOOK EARLY and check the expiry dates on their vouchers.  

Please read the key info/important info from these providers on the experience pages before you buy...... It would be a good idea to check you are up to date with tetanus, for instance, & some experiences exclude pregnant women