Help animals

Get active with animal charities
As you can imagine, there is plenty to do for all animals.  For all creatures great and small, there are charities championing their cause or caring for them - and they all need your support.  Whether you attend an event for the day, volunteer on a regular basis or raise money for them, every bit counts - and animals have never needed our support more than they do now, whether they are hiding in the hedgerows or waiting for a new home & a loving lap to sit on.  And you don't have to have any hands-on contact with the animals themselves, if you prefer not to.
Charities can be strangely difficult when you get through to them to ask about volunteering.  Many simply just haven't thought about how they will handle calls and emails coming in from people who want to volunteer.  In part, this is because looking after the animals in their care takes up so much of their time - others just haven't sat down to think about it.  But persist, keep calling them and keep the animals you want to help uttermost in your heart and mind.
UK wildlife has many conservation charities behind it and you can get involved and get active to help them.  Butterflies, frogs, bumblebees, birds, foxes - click here for their charities & others
Cats, dogs, small pets & more, here's a list of pet charities you could lend a paw to.  I volunteered for a number of years with Cats Protection and made many good friends, both four paws & 2 legs! 
Maybe long term pet ownership isn't in your future plans, but could a short term foster be?  Charities look for both long and short term to help for various reasons.  Click here for more info
There are lots of organisations to help you get active and make a difference, so here's a list of them for you to look over.  There's always something to do
There are a good number of horse charities needing help, including those to help retired racehorses and retired greyhounds
This section relates to animals who are for the most part outside the UK:  polar bears, elephants, pandas, giraffes and more.  
by volunteering with animals.  Animals help people in many ways, and you can get involved as well.  Many of the charities training assistance dogs need people to help with puppy training and socialising, or to take on dogs on a bed and breakfast basis at weekends or overnights... Could these be for you?  Click here for more info
From horses & donkeys to sheep & sheepdogs, plus llamas of course, if you want to get active with these animals, this section is for you
Ways to Volunteer