About Get Active with Animals

          Who's behind Get Active with Animals?

Welcome, and thank you very much for coming to visit Get Active with Animals and to find out all about the team and who's behind this site. (It won't take you long, as there are essentially just 3 of us; me, Sally, pictured below, Chico & Trouble (more on them later...)

Introducing our team behind Get Active with Animals....

Sally Longson, Writer and Editor for Get Active with Animals

I've always been an animal lover, having been lucky enough to enjoy the company of rabbits, ponies, dogs & cats growing up as a child, then volunteering for various animal charities thereafter. I'm a big believer in the animal human bond, that we need nature, wildlife and the animal world and natural world to help with our own wellbeing, as well as that of the planet's.  I live in Sussex, surrounded by wildlife such as deer and foxes, rabbits & birds and I care passionately about wildlife conservation in particular. 

Get Active with Animals started life back in October 2007 as a way to help people find ways get active with animals, whether it be through volunteering, animal experience days, learning a new skill such as horse riding, enjoying their pets, helping wildlife at home, holidays with an animal theme, walkies with llamas, wolves or dogs, mucking out cats - well, that's all well and good, because animals are involved, and it's fun. I've owned cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and horses in my life - or they've owned me.
Today, I'm the writer, editor, PA, tea & coffee maker, networker etc etc etc behind this website, though Chico does what he can to lend a paw. I'm a big lover of animals, chocolate and champagne, and I love to volunteer. In my past life, I was a trained life coach, careers adviser and author, writing books such as Choosing Your Career, Changing Your Career and Going Back to Work. I've also written for the Society for Companion Animal Studies' quarterly journal & the RSPCA Animal Life magazine. I'm the only one who really works at Get Active - the other members of the team just give out the orders, like "Dinner please" or "Oy, it's time for walkies..."
We spent a wonderful morning at El Refugio Del Burrito in Southern Spain making friends there 
There's Chico
Chico is an amazing dog, with a "get on with it" and "do it" approach. He adores a good run on the beach, trotting down to see next door's goats, and running to welcome visitors.  He also enjoys annoying his friend, Chata, a yellow labrador.  He's not so keen on swimming, though.  He adores walkies in the mountain and loves to head off exploring in the various nooks and crannies in the woods, mountains and corners of the earth!  He excels at networking and is one of the most curious dogs we've ever met!  And - unusually for many animals - he loves going to the vet, so he has a special interest in all veterinary matters.                                                      


Finally, bless him, this is Trouble 

Trouble died on the 30 December 2007 at the grand age of 22.  He deserves a mention because he was the inspiration behind this site.  He gave us so much pure, unconditional love and so very many moments of laughter.  He knew when we were going through difficult times - or someone else was - and he gave comfort in his own special way.  Sally says to him, "Rest in peace, my loyal loving, beautiful feline friend.  Thank you for being the special cat you were and are.  We'll meet again one day."
A word on links from our site
You'll also see lots of links to other sites where you can buy produts, experiences, memberships, holidays & more. Please note that Get Active with Animals does not sell these products or services itself. All purchases are subject to the terms, conditions, refunds, returns, delivery, privacy policies, and legals of those companies you are buying from. For many of them, we receive a small commission when you purchase, which means that we can continue to develop both this site and other sites we are working on to help improve the animal human bond. Please let us know if you have any unhappy experiences with any of these companies, though hopefully you won't; we know and trust them all and trust that you will receive a good product and service from them. You should also contact them directly with any questions you may have. Please note that we aren't responsible for content on outside websites nor changes in price, locations etc.
We've put this site together using Sussex based Create, and although we're not technically minded at all, it's proven to be very easy - no worries about jargon, very helpful help points, and lots of invaluable tools such as Tell a  Friend, Events and Contact Us plus there's an online shop if you need one.  And the online community is amazing - if you do get stuck, there's always someone to lend a hand.  Have a look for yourself and see what you think!