Farm visits and experiences


It’s back on our screens!

Winter on the Farm was back on Channel 5 for another run  in December and Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson are back at Cannon Hall Farm in stunning south Yorkshire.  Amongst other animals there are a number of baby goats who need feeding because their mothers have rejected them, a visit to a conservation for water voles in Devon with JB Gill, Yorkshire vet Julian Norton took part in a bat conservation survey, and Jules Hudson discovers the benefits of walking in the forest – the mental health benefits.  Cameras also followed Hercules, the prize winning and absolutely beautiful Shire horse.

Plus, if having seen Winter on the Farm, you'd love to get to visit one or have an experience on one, take a look at Virgin Experience Days - they've got over 40 farm experiences to choose from!  Here are a couple of them...

                  How about a Sheepdog Training Day in Yorkshire?

How about a Sheepdog Training Day in Yorkshire?

In Yorkshire, you can have a real back-to-basics trianing day with Barbara Sykes, who has represented the country in the International Sheep Dog Trials.  She is a farmer and dog training who runs classes.  Get to know the collie dogs who tend to the flocks of sheep, and learn training techniques for your own dogs.  Wow!  Find out more from Virgin Experience Days

   There's a Walk Alpacas, Groom Donkeys and Meet The Meerkats for Two at Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm

There's a Walk Alpacas, Groom Donkeys and Meet The Meerkats for Two at Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm
Atherstone (near Birmingham) for £90.00

Start by walking an alpaca round the beautiful farm - you'll meet more alpacas on the way and you can stop to give them treats before you head back.  Then it's off to the secure enclosure where the handlers will introduce you to the farm’s mob of meerkats.  With a feeding bowl each, you can get close up and personal with them, feeding them in a   hands-on environment.  And that's not all - the donkeys are waiting for you!  Give them a groom and some tasty treats, and then fill their treatballs so that they can have some fun!  Available from Virgin Experience Days 

   There's Piggy Pet and Play for Two at Kew Little Pigs in Buckinghamshire

There's Piggy Pet and Play for Two at Kew Little Pigs in Buckinghamshire for £59.50 

Set on Old Amersham Farm, Kew Little Pigs is home 40 micropigs calling it home.  During this 90-minute experience you can  get up close to some of the friendly micropigs, meeting everything from the piglets, through to their parents and grandparents.  And have a go at grooming them, petting them and playing with them!  This experience is available from BuyaGift and you can save 10% off with the code AHW2024BAGit's valid before 31 Dec 2024, some products are excluded

  There's are Lambing Experiences in Leicestershire

There's are Lambing Experiences in Leicestershire, 

There are two available:  one for £12 which is the Lambing Live Experience, where you observe lambing of a commercial flock of 370 sheep - you can speak with the farmers and find out what goes on during lambing season at the farm.  

And there's a second one for £20 called the Lamb Feeding Experience, when you can enjoy hand feeding newly birthed lambs from a bottle and cuddle the lambs!  One bottle may be shared between family members.  

Find out more about them from Into the Blue


There's a Pygmy Goat Experience for Two in Warwickshire

There's a Pygmy Goat Experience for Two in Warwickshire
Head to meet Middle England Farm's cheeky residents, the pygmy goats.  Find out all about them, take them for a short stroll and get plenty of photos!  Food is the way to these goats’ hearts, so grab a bag and treat them to some snacks as you go.  You may even get to cuddle some baby goats, depending on the time of year you visit.   A great chance to meet these adorable animals!  Find out more and buy this experience from Virgin Experience Days.
  There's a Farm Keepers Experience at Animal Rangers

Farm Keepers Experience at Animal Rangers, Berkshire
Head to Berkshire, and spend the day working hands on with some of the animals there.  Groom, walk and feed the goats, alpacas, llamas, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks.  A great day to spend time with the animals and see what is involved in a day's work at the farm.  For £125.00 from BuyaGift.  (You can get 10% off with the code AHW2024BAG which is valid to 31.12.24 and is site wide, although some products are excluded.)

  How about a Two Night Farm Experience Break at Smallicombe Farm How about a Two Night Farm Experience Break at Smallicombe Farm, Devon?
The farm is situated near Colyton, in Devon, and it gives you an opportunity to see what's involved in running a farm - whist enjoying a break at the same time! Your stay includes a piggy experience, where you will feed the pigs, learn about their daily routine, take them for a walk and learn plenty of interesting piggy facts. A Farmhouse Breakfast Platter will be delivered to the Sty each morning!  (The Sty is a self catering apartment with an ensuite bedsitting room with double / twin bed, a small kitchenette with cooking and dining facilities and more!).  Find out all about it from BuyaGift (and don't forget to use the code AHW2024BAG to get 10% off;  the code is valid to 31.12.24 although some products are excluded).