Shark Conservation

Do you love sharks?  Want to help them?

Well, there’s a couple of things you can do to help sharks right here in the UK.

The Shark Trust works to achieve its vision: A future where sharks thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem.

It aims to do this by “Safeguarding the future of sharks through positive change."  And it does this through science, education, influence and action.”

And there are a number of things you can do to get involved and help The Shark Trust wherever you live.

First, become a Citizen Scientist!

Citizen science is a great way to get more people involved in both shark conservation and research.  Research is vital:   conservationists need to know as much as possible about the species they are working to help, in particular how the species lives and what threats it faces.  Armed with that information, conservationists can make well informed decisions to better protect sharks. 

Take part in the Great Eggcase Hunt  

Take part in the Great Eggcase Hunt – find and record empty shark eggcases that have washed up on the beach.  

If you’re an angler, take part in the Angling Project – what sharks, skates and rays do you see when you’re on the water?  Let the Shark Trust know about it!

This one is for Anglers - join the Angling Project
Take part in the Basking Shark Project

Basking Shark Project – watch out for Basking Sharks from May to June and record your sightings so that the Shark Trust know about them


Wherever you are in the world, record your sightings of sharks, skates and rays to the Shark Sightings Database.  It will help build up a picture of the species around the world. 

Record your sightings of sharks, rays and skates - wherever you are

Second, Be in closer contact with the Shark Trust

Follow them on social media – FacebookTwitterYou Tube and Linked In, etc – so that you can find out what’s happening and when

Become a Member – a great way to support the charity and the conservation work it is trying to do and add your voice to a growing community of shark lovers!  There’s a Pup’s Club for the under 12s and a gift membership scheme. 

Adopt a Shark

Third, see what else you can do to help!

From Adopting a Shark (which I’ve done for my husband for his birthday and he loved it) to fundraising, volunteering, donating and campaigning, there’s lots you can do to help and get involved.  Check out news and events and even if you can’t help, spread the word!

Fourth, discover more about Sharks

Check out the Menu on the website and go to Discover Sharks and you’ll find an absolute mine of information.  Shark Conservation, Shark Threats, Shark Experiences (and what they think of them), Shark Biology, Shark Ecology, Shark Attacks, Resources and a Pup’s Activity Page for youngsters – take a look and dive deep in a search to be better informed about sharks!

Spend some time swimming around the Shark Trust’s website – it’s absolutely stunning with some amazing photography. 

Speaking of which, all photos on this page are copyright to the Shark Trust.