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Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world and put animal magic into your life! 

It's time for #30DaysWild!

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Go 30 Days Wild this June!

Every year, the Wildlife Trusts in the UK all have an event called 30 Days Wild.

The Trusts are a network of 46 charities, all independent, and they manage nature reserves, run campaigns, and have lots of activities and events to enable people like you and me to connect with wildlife.

The Trusts go from Alderney in the Channel Islands right up to Scotland, from the South and West coast of Wales to Norfolk, and Cornwall up to Northumberland.   They do lots of amazing work, and they will be particularly busy right now preparing for the run up to the UK’s General Election, as they try to ensure politicians realise how important nature.  You can find your local Wildlife Trust here. 

The idea is that for 30 days, we all do one wild thing every day.   You can sign up for a free pack (you are asked if you want to make a donation of £5 towards it to help with costs, but this isn’t essential) and you’ll get lots of ideas of things you can do during the 30 days when you go wild.

It’s a great way to discover more about nature and the natural world, too.  I’ve just received my pack for registering (by email) and there’s a butterfly spotter, a minibeasts spotter, and a summer wildlife spotter.  I can also do a spot of mindful colouring, too.  There’s a sensory bingo, to help engage all the senses when I’m exploring nature. The booklet that comes with it explains what #30DaysWild is all about.

The 30 Days Wild are divided into parts:

  1. The 1st to 9th June is all about discovering nature.  Celebrate World Environment Day (5th June) or World Oceans Day (8th June),  check out the aforementioned spotters. 
  2. The 10th to 16th June is about moving in nature e.g. walking in woods, doing yoga in a park etc.
  3. The 17th sees the start of the phrase to help nature – you could sign an e-petition, take an action to help in your garden, spread the word, write to your MP to tell them how important nature and the natural spaces around you are to you.   It also coincides with the Restore Nature Now March in London on the 22nd June which starts at 12pm so one option may be to go and join in.   Why not take part in some of the Trust’s campaigns, or find your local Wildlife Trust and see what they are doing and need help with?
  4. The 24th to 30th June is about being mindful and connect to nature – do some stargazing, craft your name with leaves and branches, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the natural world around you.

You don't need a large garden to help wildlife,
as this video from the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust shows.

You could also join in on Facebook – there’s a 30 Days Wild group – or Instagram, and there’s a chart you can download and pin up which is full of ideas of things to do which follow these four phrases.

And you could share your activities on social media to encourage others to have a go and feel the benefits of connecting with our natural world.

Making social media connections...

#30DaysWild  @30DaysWild (Facebook and X), or The Wildlife Trusts (@thewildlifetrusts) • Instagram photos and videos

Visit the Wildlife Trusts here.

Sign up for 30 Days Wild here.

PS If you miss the start date, no matter - just count 30 days from the day you do start!

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