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Go walkies and enjoy Britain's canals and rivers

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Autumn is a wonderful time of year to take a walk in and there’s nothing like walking alongside water.  

Walking is great exercise – you can stretch your legs, drink in the view, watch the wildlife, enjoy the autumn colours in all their glory and breathe in some fresh air.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to go walking

©Canal and River Trust

Even if you don’t live in the sea, you may find yourself near a lake, a loch, a river or a canal.

Walkies with the Canal and River Trust

©Canal and River Trust

The Canal and River Trust has lots of wonderful walks for everyone to enjoy – and they have information about dog friendly walks on their website.

Walking your dog by a canal or river...some tips

  • Keep your dog on a short lead around busy spots like locks and bridges – you don’t want them jumping into a lock or into a canal from a bridge, for instance
  • Ensure they are wearing a collar with an ID tag
  • They respectfully ask that you pick up anything your dog might drop and put it into a bin
  • Don’t let your dog swim in the canals – they may upset the ducks

Don’t forget to take water for your dog – dogs get thirsty as well!

In winter, it’s particularly important to keep your dog on the lead in case they are distracted by geese and ducks and try to jump into the canal to go after them.  Your dog may think ice on a canal is a solid base.  

If your dog should fall in, the Canal and River Trust advise you not to jump in after your dog; keep your voice calm and encourage him or her to swim to you where you can lift them out safely.  And if they can’t do this, try to reach them with a line or long branch.

And if you don’t have a dog, go for walkies anyway and enjoy yourself!   Woof, woof! 

Go to the Canal and River Trust's website - why not volunteer or become a member? 



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