Eagle Handling - have an eagle experience!

Eagles..... would you like to get up close to these majestic, beautiful birds of prey?  Red Letter Days have a number of experiences, giving you the chance to discover more about eagles and to get close up with them.  


Ultimate Half Day Eagle Experience Day in Bedfordshire
£79.00 for one person

Ultimate Half Day Eagle Experience Day

Meet a host of majestic eagles and more with this fun-filled experience in Bedfordshire. After coffee and talking through the itinerary with a resident falconer, there's a guided tour of the falconry centre with a small bird of prey on your glove and meet a few of the smaller residents. Then meet the big guys such as Bald Eagles, White Tailed Sea Eagles and African Fish Eagles.  Handle and free fly one of these magnificent creatures within the arena. A fun, educational and essential for anyone with a passion for raptors. Buy this gift from Red Letter Days


Eagle Handling Experience in Kent
£99.00 for one person

Eagle Handling Experience in Kent

Enjoy an eagle handling afternoon learning about the natural behavior of these wonderful birds of prey under the guidance of a resident eagle expert.  There's a chance to try eagle handling, fly four resident birds to the glove and experience the incredible sensation of having a huge eagle balanced on your arm.  And meet the centre's resident Steller's Sea Eagle – one of the largest birds of prey! Use the code AHW2024RLD to get 10% off - it's valid until 31 Dec 2024, excluding non-discountable products.  Buy this experience from Red Letter Days

This experience is also available for two people for £169 and you can get 10% off with the AHW2024RLD code.