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We have a number of affiliate programmes to which we're linked

All these work according to the rules, regulations, terms & conditions, disclaimers and privacy statements of the affiliate, not Get Active with Animals.  Please check carefully with individual affiliate programmes when making purchases.

From time to time, we may product on-line books for sale or for free.

Our On-line Books' Format
The on-line books will come to you in a PDF.  We will send you the PDF as soon as we receive confirmation of your purchase, so you should receive it within 24 hours.
To access PDF documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader, which can be done for free.
If you have any problems, let us know.
Your details
Please note that the only details we receive about you is that on the email sent to us asking us to send you the PDF you've bought.  We do not hold any credit card details here.  We promise you that we will not pass your details on to anyone else.
Payment for our on-line books and coaching
You can pay by cheque or through WorldPay with any of the cards below for our online books and we'll also have more online books coming available shortly, so watch this space!
Refund Policy

Unfortunately our online Books are non-returnable, because their refunds are open to abuse by people copying and keeping them, while demanding a refund. 

As we said above, if you have any problems opening up any of our on-line books, please just let us know.  We'll endeavour to put things right as soon as we can.