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Wildlife Photography Courses 

If you enjoy photography and want to develop your skills in wildlife photography, then there's a Nature & Wildlife Photography course run by DigitalMasterclass in Kent which can help you do just that.

The exciting news is that you can do this course at a distance, which means you can make the most of the wildlife & natural world in your area without travelling long distances to study.  Or you can take photographs on holiday of the nature & wildlife that you see and put them towards your submission.  Plus completing the course means you come out with an accredited qualification.


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What does the course cover? 

DigitalMasterclass offer a Nature and Wildlife Photography Course at Level 3 and here are the five units it consists of...  

Captive Animals  You can do this at a local animal park of your choosing, perhaps as a general visitor.  Tutor support is via email & telephone 
Fauna & Flora Gain skills in effectively & creatively photographing plants, insects & maybe small mammals.  Tutor support is  via email & telephone 
How to get that shot Complete this in your local area, focusing on local wildlife (perhaps birds & squirrels in your back garden) rather than captive animals.  Develop your skills in using telephoto lenses, the appreciation of the environment & light from a photography perspective. Tutor support is via email & telephone
Themed Brief  Pull together the learning from the previous 3 units & submit a detailed submission to your tutor with a range of images from all of the previous units
OCN Submission You can use the images you have already taken or new ones to build a portfolio of work ready to submit to OCN.  Your tutor will guide you.

What can you expect in terms of support and course materials?

  • Your own tutor to help you with your course work & submission to the Open College Network. You can contact your tutor by email or phone
  • An online student learning area, where you have life long access your learning materials, complete your submissions & receive feedback.
  • Assuming your complete the course successfully, you acquire a qualification accredited by the Open College Network as Level 3 (that's equivalent to A level)
  • A flexible course, which you can fit into other commitments and you don't have to be in Kent
  • A Facebook group - you can connect & network with other students

The cost of the Nature & Wildlife Photography Course is £250.00.

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A landscape photography course is also available

DigitalMasterclass also offer other online photography courses, including a Landscape Photography course, and a Portrait Photography Course (which includes a unit on Pet Portraiture) so click here to find out more about them

There's also a free online photography course which will enable you to improve your photography as you follow easy steps and receive feedback on your images.  Those who enrol on the free course often find that they enrol in DigitalMasterclass's Foundation Suite of Courses afterwards.

DigitalMasterclass have experienced tutors when it comes to adult education which makes a difference; going back to learning as an adult is very different to being in class in school.  Adults go back into adult education for all sorts of reasons, be it to up their skills in something which interests them or to train for a new career.  Whether you're simply looking to master your digital camera, improve your photography skills or really go further than that, the tutors at DigitalMasterclass will happily talk with you about your photography goals and experience, and help you find a course at the right level. For instance, you do need a good understanding of the basics of photography to do their wildlife photography course, including composition, and camera functions.   So give them a call and talk through your ideas and goals with them.

And one of the nice things about them is that you can stay with them through your photography journey - they are always happy to talk to you, whether you are a potential student or someone who's long completed a course with them - and they reinforce this by giving students life long access to their online learning zone.