Meet the Tapir Experience in Hertfordshire


If you're looking for an unusual gift for the person who has everything and who loves animals, how about giving them a Tickle the Tapir Experience for Two?

Tapirs have been around for almost 35 million years and you can come and meet one at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire!  This experience enables you to enter the Tapir enclosure - it's normally off limits to everyone apart from their keepers.   

What's more, buy this experience from Red Letter Days before 31 December 2019, and you can enjoy 15% off as a visitor from this website!  All you need to do is to use the code RAHW15 at check-out!

Tickle a Tapir Experience

Tickle the Tapir Experience at Paradise Wildlife Park for Two 
Available from Red Letter Days 

Use the code RAHW15 at check-out before 31 Dec 2019 and enjoy 15% off!


Accompanied by a member of the Park's staff, you'll help to feed these inquisitive and friendly animals!  It's a great chance to ask any questions you've got about these wonderful animals - the keepers are very caring and passionate about the charges in their care. 

Your experience will also include entry to Paradise Wildlife for the whole day for both of you. 

All for £148! 

This experience is available for two people through Red Letter Days - click here to trot off for more information -