Elderly Activities


As we journey through life, we hit all sorts of challenging times.  Our bodies, needs and cares change with age, but so do those of our families around us.  As older relatives age, how can we help elderly people keep active?   Here are some organisations which may help care homes & individuals caring for older relatives.  Read about the care home which started a pet farm for its residents.   More...
Would you want to be parted from your pet?
Too many elderly people do have to say goodbye to their very dear friends when they have to move on from independent living and move into a home. The good news is that many homes which do take pets and the key is to finding them. Help is at hand

Giving elderly people purpose
The Eden Alternative helps care homes alleviate the three plagues of old age (loneliness, boredom and helplessness) and helps invigorate elderly people through encouraging them to be more proactive in and around their home.A typical example is that elderly people are given responsiblity for taking care of pets, growing their own vegetables and cooking their own food. The opportunity to care for something or someone meaningful can make all the difference.

The Donkey Sanctuary
Donkeys are providing magical moments at a number of care homes around the UK. They are visiting elderly people and staff at care homes and providing many trips down memory lane and much enjoyment and laughter. 
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Pets as Therapy
Pets as Therapy are well known for their work visiting care homes, hospitals, hospices and so on. What is not so well known about Pets as Theapy is that they also work with stroke victims as part of a team with physios and medical staff.  If your Mum has had a stroke, a Pets as Therapy volunteer could help the team involved in her rehabilitation. They also help children with phobias of dogs, usually going into schools. For more info, click here.
Gardening is great therapy
Thrive is a small national charity which enlists gardening & horticultural activities to help change the lives of people with disabilities or to help those who have suffered from an illness or coping with a difficult time in their lives. It can also help slow down the deterioration when someone has a degenerative illness, people who arerecovering from strokes & heart disease.  Thrive also works with those who are blind or partially sighted,whether they are already into the hobby or just starting off.  Thrive has 2 garden projects in Berkshire & London but it also supports 900 garden projects in the UK so contact Thrive to find one close to you. 


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The elderly and their pets - a unique bond There's nothing like the bond which exists between an elderly person and their pet.  More...

The Cinnamon Trust has a network of volunteers who will help the elderly and terminally ill with pet care - in their own homes or in care homes. They also have a database of care homes who will take pets. And they're always looking for 100% reliable volunteers who understand the bond between the elderly and their pets. Visit the Cinnamon Trust

Cuddle time is very important.

Wiltshire Farm Foods can deliver meals to your elderly relatives around the UK. straight to the customer all over mainland UK. Their chefs make sure that meals are balanced, nutritious and full of flavour.  Their friendly drivers are trained and police checked so you know they can be trusted.  They deliver for free everywhere in the UK.  They could be a great source of back-up care or continually provide your loved ones with good food if you can't get to them yourself.  Visit Wiltshire Farm Foods