Celebrate National Pet Month with your dog!



National Pet Month takes place from 1 April to 1 May 2024.  The idea is to celebrate the relationship between us and our pets – past, present and future - and to promote responsible pet ownership.   

National Pet Month has five aims and they are (and I quote):

  1. To promote responsible pet ownership
  2. To make people aware of the mutual benefits of living with pets
  3. To increase public awareness of the role of pet care specialists
  4. To raise awareness of the value of working and assistance companion animals
  5. To encourage fundraising for UK pet welfare charities and organisations

So here are some ways to celebrate your wonderful pets and strengthen the bond between you!

11 ways to celebrate National Pet Month with your dog

  1. Create a pet photobook!   This is a lovely way to look back over all the memories of times you’ve had with your pet.  You could do it online or put a photo album together with printed photos you stick in, which will give you space to add more photos and memories in the future.  You could include stories of the times you've had together and of what your pet means to you, some of the funny things they do and have done and your journey together. 

  2. Discover more about your pets with an online course!   BuyaGift.co.uk have a number of them, from Canine Communication to Dog Grooming – it’s a great way to pick up some good tips about your dog. There are some amazing offers on as well so you could do an online course with great savings!

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  3. Get drawing!   This could be a great new hobby.  Just pick up a pencil and paper, and start.  Watch some videos online and you can easily pick up some great tips and advice from people who know what they are doing, if you’re not sure.  (I found it was very helpful to look for shapes in the animal you are drawing, e.g. rectangle, circle, oval etc and to draw lightly in pencil so that you can rub out the bits of line you don’t need.)

  4. Take your dog on a dog –friendly break!  This could also be a great gift for a dog owner.  There are lots of different breaks available from hotels to glamping experiences.  It’s a great way to experience something together and watch your dog’s joy as he or she makes new friends, sniffs new whiffs and explores new surroundings!

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  5. Our pets are important to us so give them a good, gentle brush.  Do this regularly, and you’ll get to know your pet’s skin and coat and you’ll be more alert to any new lumps and bumps that appear which you need to get checked out.  Don’t forget your dog’s teeth!  Viovet has products which don’t require a toothbrush so less stressful for your dog and for you!

  6. Go on a pet photoshoot!   It’s never easy photographing your dog – they do have a habit of moving at the wrong time, so why not have a pet photoshoot experience and get a professional to take a picture of your dog?  You could frame it afterwards!

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  7. Read a book with your dog by your side, stroking his or her favourite spot as you read.  It’s a great way for the pair of you to relax and enjoy time together.

  8. Meet up with other dog friends and head out on a good walk.

  9. One of the aims behind National Pet Month is to raise money for an animal charity.  If you got your dog from a rescue, visit the rescue’s website to see if there is one simple action you could do to help, as a way to thank them for your dog.  Perhaps you can make a donation in your dog’s name, or “adopt a dog” or buy a something for them from a wish list they may have. 

  10. You could also join in Harrington’s Miles and Meals campaign – for every mile you and your dog walk, they will give a meal to someone in a rescue centre!   They want to get one million meals to animals in rescue centres across the country and to help us all get active at the same time!

  11. Play some games and do some training!  This is a great way to build up a relationship with your dog.  You could do some agility by joining a club or having a go at home, or there are simple games you can play at home, too, always helpful if it's pouring with rain and walks are shorter than usual.  Lily's Kitchen have games you can play at home.


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