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Poo at the Zoo - at London Zoo. Who did that poo?

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Well, if you're looking for something a bit different to do this summer, you could take a look at an intriguing activity at London Zoo.  

London Zoo have come up with Poo at the Zoo.   Not Winnie the Pooh, this is all about poo, and who's done what.

Be a poo-ologist for the day at London Zoo!

London Zoo has a 'pooseum', and you can find out about the vital insights that can be gleaned from number two!

Challenge the whole family to poo-inspired giant games on the lawns, or join Poo at the Zoo author Steve Smallman for lead live storytelling sessions on certain dates over the summer.

The 'pooseum' is a 22 year labour of love for Tracey Lee, one of ZSL's zookeepers and a former artist.  It began as two special specimens - when the last elephant and black rhino were re-homed from London Zoo - were added to canvas in a piece called 'The last poo at the Zoo'.   Now, the collection has an incredible 100+ preserved specimens, with dung from a wide variety of animals including an endangered gorilla, a giant Galapagos tortoise and even a tiny poo from a caterpillar!

Every day, the zoo is running a Game of the Day and this will focus on animal feeding and digestion.  With Poo Bingo, Poo or False or a matching and memory challenge, Who did this poo?, there's plenty to do.   

And at certain times each day, kids can enjoy the stage adaptation of the bestselling book The Great Poo Mystery.

Not only that, there's also a self-led trail with challenges and clues to help young visitors track down a selection of animals including giant tortoises, lions, tigers and penguins.  

If you can't get to London Zoo, you could always buy the book Poo in the Zoo
If you can't get to London Zoo, you could always buy the book Poo in the Zoo
for £6.99 from London Zoo's shop.

Plus, you can join the illustrator of the Poo in the Zoo book series, Ada Gray, for drawing classes on selected dates and times, and there are self-led drawing activities avialable at other times. 

Poo at the Zoo is running from the 25th July to 1st September 2024, and should be a lot of fun!  Find out more here.

Whilst you're at London Zoo, you may want to pop in and see the beautiful three Asiatic lion cubs.  Boys Mali and Syanii and girl Shanti were born at London Zoo on 13 March 2024 to seven-year-old mum, Arya, and 14-year-old dad Bhanu.  And they are just gorgeous!  Take a look here!

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