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Get Muddy For Battersea!

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Will you get muddy for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

It's most famous for being in the series with the late Paul O'Grady, who helps the staff with the dogs and to find the dogs new homes.  As with all charities, fundraising is a constant must, so enter the Muddy Dog Challenge!  It sounds like a barking great way to raise funds for Battersea and so enable them to help more dogs and cats.

The Muddy Dog Challenge which sounds like a LOT of fun, with a number of locations kicking off with Derby in May.  Other locations include Stansted, Tunbridge Wells, Windsor and Leeds - registrations are now closed for the New Forest. 

Each event has two options. The 5K route will have up to 18 obstacles, and the 2.5K route will have half that amount.   You can do it at a run or walk, and tackle the course with or without a dog. 

By taking part and fundraising for Battersea, you’ll be helping us provide love and care for the thousands of dogs and cats that come into our care, and even those that might never find their way to a Battersea centre.

However, you can also do a DIY Muddy Dog Challenge - you choose your own date.  It could be fun to get a group of your doggy friends together and do a walk as a challenge.

There's lots of information on the "On the day" page, where you can find out what to expect and what to bring if you are taking part in an event.  You can register here

Find out more about the Muddy Dog Challenge and register here

By the way, Battersea also have a list of things you could donate that you don't need any more - here it is.

Remembering Paul O'Grady and For the Love of Dogs

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has been in the news a lot recently, since Paul O'Grady sadly passed away.   Paul O'Grady had presented the amazing "For the Love of Dogs", helping dogs from Battersea to cope with their time there and to find new, lovng homes.  Battersea have a tribute fund in memory of Paul O'Grady, and if you can't get to the fundraisers for Getting Muddy, or take part, one thing you could consider doing is to make a donation to the Paul O'Grady Tribute Page which Battersea have set up?  The final series starts on Thursday 13 April 2023 at 8:30pm on ITV.

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