Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world


Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world and put animal magic into your life! 

The PDSA have lots for kids to do and discover!

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The PDSA is a charity that cares for sick and injured pets whose owners cannot afford vet care. 

Now before I go any further, I must stress that you have to be eligible and if you’re looking for free vet care, take a look at whether you qualify for it here.

(You could take a look at the Blue Cross as well, as they do some free vet care too, subject to certain criteria you must meet.)

The PDSA has lots to get stuck into on their website, including how you can help

Anyway, back to the PDSA.  They are a remarkable charity aiming to do 3 things

  • Educate owners
  • Preventing disease
  • Carrying out life-saving operations

They are a charity and are dependent on donations etc but there are many ways you can support them, from volunteering (this may need to be something you do down the line when the coronavirus lockdown is over), donating, fundraising, spreading the word etc.  Visit their website here to fetch ideas as to how you can help

One of the things they have is a special corner for young people.   It’s called Pet Protectors HQ and young people can find out all about taking care of pets, discover more about the PDSA and also find out how to get into a career in veterinary care, whether you want to become a vet or a vet nurse!

 Find out about pet care, including cat care, at Kids Corner with the PDSA©PDSA

Pet Protectors is a membership club for young people – but actually it’s full of useful information about pet care for anyone of any age.                               

Lockdown could be a good time to look at how you are looking after your pet and whether there’s anything you should be doing differently to help improve their welfare. 

You can find out about becoming a vet or vet nurse

And there are some wonderful photos of pets, such as cute puppies, kittens, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, rats, and goldfish.



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