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We're so sad to hear the news about Paul O'Grady's passing.  He did so much for people and animals, both in Britain and around the world.  He was a true gentleman, compassion, kind, caring and funny.  All our thoughts are with his family, people and animals, his friends and of course everyone at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.  They have set up a Tribute Fund for Paul O'Grady which you can donate to here.  Rest in peace, Paul, and thank you for all you did to bring animals to us on our screens and for all you did for them.  You will be so missed. 

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Animals in War on D-Day - visit the Animals in War Memorial in Hyde Park, London.

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I’m putting a more sombre touch to this website today to give some time and thought to all the animals and peoplel who have been killed or injured by war.

If you’re in London, one thing you could visit is the Animals in War Memorial at Brook Gate, Park Lane, (map here) on the edge of Hyde Park. It’s on the edge of Hyde Park . 

The Animals in War Memorial was created to remember and pay tribute to all the animals who’ve served with our Forces in the wars and conflicts of the 20th century.   They served, suffered and died alongside British, Commonwealth and Allied forces and deserve to be remembered. 

They had no choice

Horses, mules, donkeys, dogs, pigeons, cats, elephants, oxen, bullocks, canaries and even glow worms served in the wars.

They had no choice.

 The Animals in War Memorial is a tribute to all those animals who have served, suffered and died in war

The Animals in War memorial is a beautiful tribute to them, but if only the wars had never happened, so much suffering and death could have been avoided for millions of animals and people.

Today on D-Day, let us remember them.

Visit the Animals in War Memorial’s website to find out more here

For charities helping animals affected by war, please go to


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