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Polar Bears International - check out polar bear Ursula

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It's International Polar Bear Day every year on 27th February.  The day is a great opportunity to discover more about polar bears and in particular the challenges they face and how we can all help.

Polar Bears International is a non-profit charity located in North America. 

And they've been studying polar bears for years.   Their mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.  And they work to inspire people to care for the Arctic and make that vital connection between the Arctic and our global climate.

Polar Bears International have a short video on You Tube which shows a journey to the Arctic through the eyes of Ursula, a polar bear. 

Produced by Handcraft ©Polar Bears International

Visit Polar Bears International here

They have lots of wonderful information about polar bears and how you can get involved and help them.


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