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Big Cats About the House with Giles Clark

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There's a new documentary series called Big Cats About the House on BBC2 at 8pm tonight (Thursday 22nd March 2018).

It follows the work of big cat expert Giles Clark.

He's working to turn a The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent into a centre of excellence for conservation.   There are 50 big cats there, many of whom have been rescued - some from circuses.  Others belong to an international breeding programme to act as an insurance policy against extinction.

Giles takes in a tiny jaguar cub tonight called Maya - she wasn't thriving with her mother.

Adopt Maya
©Big Cat Sanctuary

Adapt Maya from the Big Cat Sanctuary

Crucially, the programme doesn't shy away from important conservation issues.   In the last 100 years, some big cat species have declined by over 90% and many experts think some big cats could disappear completely in the next decade.

Visit BBC2 for more info.

Jaguar conservation

Here are some links to jaguar conservation initiatives:

The Jaguar Corridor Initiative, Panthera

Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project between Bolivia and Argentina

Information on jaguars from IUCN

Jaguar conservation in Costa Rica - Volunteer!

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