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We're so sad to hear the news about Paul O'Grady's passing.  He did so much for people and animals, both in Britain and around the world.  He was a true gentleman, compassion, kind, caring and funny.  All our thoughts are with his family, people and animals, his friends and of course everyone at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.  They have set up a Tribute Fund for Paul O'Grady which you can donate to here.  Rest in peace, Paul, and thank you for all you did to bring animals to us on our screens and for all you did for them.  You will be so missed. 

Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world and put animal magic into your life! 

Ten reasons why a date with a pet is better than a date with a human this Valentine’s Day:

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TrustedHousesitters is a house and pet sitting website, connecting home and pet owners with trustworthy, verified sitters who care for pets for free in exchange for accommodation. The way it works is that sitters offer their help for free in exchange for a free retreat worldwide, so saving accommodation costs for them and pet care costs for homeowners. It's got homeowners registered in over 150 countries so it's fairly extensive


Trustedhousesitters have come up with 10 reasons why a pet is better than a date on Valentine's night...

1. A pet won’t stand you up
2. A pet won’t order the lobster
3. A pet is not embarrassed by a Public Display of Affection
4. A pet won’t grumble about the film you choose on Netflix  
5. A pet won’t veto your romantic songs playlist
6. A pet won’t text its ex on your special evening
7. A pet won’t moan you scrimped on champagne  
8. You can bet you’ll get more likes for your Valentine’s pet-date selfie than the human equivalent
9. With a pet, it’s always clear who’s paying
10. A pet will suspend all judgement because they just want to be with you



And with Valentine's Day on the way, TrustedHousesitters has come up with a new way to match animal lovers with pets who need their care and create the right match! 


It's called #FurryValentine. Users complete a free, short questionnaire so that TrustedHousesitters can understand what personality type you are. The site’s algorithms use the data to propose pet sits across 130 countries, matching your lifestyle, interests and animal experience

Click here to take their questionnaire!



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