Autumn Things to do do


Autumn is a stunning time of year, with the most beautiful array of colours.

It’s also a wonderful time of year to connect with nature and enjoy all her splendour!   And the National Trust has a lot of colour to offer!   

Autumn is a great time of year to get outside and connect with nature

Autumn is a lovely time of year to enjoy the colours of nature - the reds, rusts, oranges, browns, crimsons, greens - all a joyful sight. It's a time for kicking the leaves in the air, seeing if you can catch them as they fall from a tree, doing leaf art when you get home, watching the wildlife prepare for winter - and coming home to a lovely, warming cup of tea with a yummy piece of cake, or stopping off at a coffee shop for something scrumptious!

The wildlife are busy preparing for winter
Can you help wildlife in your garden?  You could find you have your own nature show to enjoy if you do!

9 Ways to Connect with Nature

The National Trust has a number of ideas of ways you can connect with nature.

  1.  Get a glimpse into October with this extract from Every Day Nature by Andy Beer.  It’s beautifully written and illustrated so that you can easily lose yourself in apples, acorns, swans and pheasants!
  2. Watch the National Trust’s You Tube playlist.
  3. Go on walks to spot wildlife and enjoy autumn days
  4. Practice identifying ancient trees – what can you spot as you go about your daily routine?
  5. Take some time at night to watch the stars in the sky.
  6. Stop and listen to birdsong.   There are tips for improving your birdwatching skills here!
  7. Give some of your garden to nature and wildlife – give them a home there - then just enjoy watching your own nature show!
  8. Join thousands of people who are making a promise for nature to do something to help it along.  You could do something to help bees and butterflies, reduce food miles, waste and packaging, or create homes for wildlife.  Make your promise for nature here
  9. Take a look at what’s available in your area – you can find some great days out here and ways to connect with nature.  Please note that you may need to book in these times of the coronavirus.

Great ideas of walks for autumn colours
Lose yourself in the magic of nature!


Why not become a member and support the work of the National Trust?   Dogs are welcome at many National Trust places, so if you've got a four legged family member, they could have some great new days out as well as you!   Here's how to book a visit, with our without your four legged friend!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Every Day Nature
Every Day Nature

from the National Trust Online Shop