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Could you foster cats?

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On reading my Cats Protection members' magazine last night (which is a great read, by the way, with lots of news and information about cats), I came across an appeal which I thought I'd pass on....

Cats Protection are looking for people to be volunteer cat fosterers.

Fostering, they point out, is a great way to help homeless cats and kittens.  If you can't have a cat long term, you can have one in the short term.  Fosterers take cats or kittens into their homes on a temporary basis.  They look after their every need until a new home can be found. 

Fosterers with Cats Protection are linked to a local adoption centre or volunteer-run branch, so you'll be working with other cat enthusiasts to help the cats in your area and you'll need to be comfortable working with a team of people.   Therte's training and support for anyone wanting to become a fosterer - you can see a demo of the induction here

Cats Protection are looking for volunteers to foster cats

Trouble having a think about what to type next....or, more likely, wondering what's for dinner...

There are adoption centres and volunteer-run branches all over the country.  Being a fosterer is a great way to do something practical for cats and help them, without owning a cat long term.  I volunteered for Cats Protection and it's a wonderful charity.  

Click here to discover more about fostering for Cats Protection.  And there's a leaflet you can download about it here

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