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  1. Longleat has been in the news recently as in the spring of 2019, they are to have a number of koalas join them. 

    And there's more news for you if you're thinking about visiting Longleat before then - those fabulous people at Picniq have got an exclusive offer, with 30% off all tickets!   The offer is valid until the Longleat season closes on 4th November 2018.

    Longleat Safari Park is based outside of Warminster in Wiltshire.  There is an amazing amount to see:   Jungle Kingdom, Safari Drive Adventure, Penguin Bay, Adventure Park, Longleat House and much, much more!  Longleat House has the jaw-dropping Great Hall with its 30 high ceilings, whilst the library has over 40,000 books... 

    Grab the 30% off tickets at Longleat now - go to Picniq

    The discount gives great savings - a family of 4 can save £18.32 over the best discount available on the Longleat website and it saves £36.68 over the gate price!!!!

    Buy your tickets now

    There's also a couple of voucher offers when you buy these tickets - a £10 ASK Italian voucher if you spend over £30 + a £5 discount off your next Picniq order

    Visit Picniq here

  2. If you want to get close up and personal or treat yourself and a friend to the experience, then you may just want to take a look at Virgin Experience Days.

    Virgin Experience Days list lots of gifts for everyone and for a wide range of budgets.  Not only that, but there are experiences to choose from all around the country.

    Take a peek at Virgin Experience Days animal experiences

    Take a peek at Virgin Experience Days animal experiences

    Whether you’ve wanted to get behind the scenes and be a zookeeper or fly an owl, find out more about bee-keeping, get close up and personal with big cats, penguins or lemurs, try a wildlife photography experience or feed meerkats, there’s plenty to consider.

    There are animal experiences with all kinds of animals great and small 

    With llamas, reptiles, dolphins and whales, eagle handling, sheepdog training, lemurs and horses, there should be something for every animal lover.

    The big news is that….

    From 30 July 2018 to 5 August 2018, Virgin Experience Days have a great offer on – you can save yourself 15% on Full Price Experiences, and there are plenty to choose from!

    Use the Code: G1E23JN to get your 15% off full price experiences.

     There are experiences all over the country to choose from

    Terms and conditions: Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This code doesn’t apply to excluded products – I did spot a couple of animal experiences on the list, such as any visits to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London and one of the Beekeeping experience. 

    Click here to fly away to Virgin Experience Days



  3. So the weather has really been very changeable here in Sussex - either so boiling hot that I didn't want to move, or very wet and windy indeed. 

    If you don't feel like doing anything because of the heat or you just feel like lazing about as the rain lashes against the window, here's a word search - Spot the wildlife

    There are 22 animals to find. 

    I hope you enjoy it, though you'll need to print the word search off to do it.  

    Spot the wildlife in this wordsearch

    Spot the wildlife in this word search! 


  4. The 29th July is International Tiger Day or Global Tiger Day.

    So here's a documentary featuring three renown wildlife filmmakers and conservationists -- Mike Pandey, Belinda Wright and Ajay Suri.  They tell the story of their work on the tiger, why tiger conservation is important in India and the significance of tigers for mankind.

    copyright Rajya Sabha TV 


    The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the WWF have a Save Tigers Now campaign, aiming to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2020.  (That's the next Year of the Tiger.)   Find out more about it and how you can help tigers. 


  5. Fly away to find out all about the Big Butterfly Count

    If you're looking for something to do over the summer, why not join in the Big Butterfly Count and help Butterfly Conservation with their survey?

    The event takes place from 20 July 2018 to 12 August 2018 and there are 3 steps to do:

    Step 1 - Get ready! You can download the Butterfly Chart to help you identify butterflies (you'll need to give your email details to do this) or download the app free app for iOS and Android to identify and record the butterflies you spot.

    Download the free app to help you identify butterflies

    Step 2
    Simply count butterflies for 15 minutes during bright (preferably sunny) weather during the big butterfly count.  You can do this anywhere - parks, school grounds, gardens, fields, forests.   There's more info on how to do this on Butterfly Conservation's website.  Records are welcome from anywhere: from parks, school grounds and gardens, to fields and forests.

    There's a chart to help you identify butterflies

    Step 3 - Tell Butterfly Conservation what you've seen - and even if you didn't see any butterflies or moths, it's important to let them know. 

    Log your sightings!

    If you've got children, why not give them the task of drawing and colouring the butterflies on the chart?  Or creating their own butterfly?

    To help encourage butterflies to your garden, you could plant butterfly friendly plants.  And to learn more about them and help with butterfly conservation, why not join Butterfly Conservation?


  6. If you're wanting to get the kids out and about and away from all their computer screens etc - take a look at the  My RSPB Nature Clipboard from Amazon .

    You can treat them to this from Amazon for just £6.36 at the moment.   Within the 32 pages, you'll find plenty of ways to interest them in wildlife and the great outdoors.

    The book is for 7 to 10 year olds (the RSPB say 7 to 12 year olds),.

    Whether you have a balcony, a lawn or anything in between, there are activities and tips to transform your local area into a home for wildlife - which will give the kids plenty to look for and at.

    There are instructions to make bird and butterfly feeders, a minibeast hotel or window box garden, and how to study insects, take a night walk and make a footprint trap. 

    My RSPB Nature Clipboard from Amazon

    Outside, you can use the spotter sheets to identify plants, animal tracks, birds and more, and then record them.

    This is a great way to get kids involved in nature.  They are her future guardians, but there's no reason why they can't start now with a little encouragement!

    Eryl Nash is the author and Hannah Tolson is the illustrator.  The review so far (the book was only published in April 2108) have been terrific.



    There's big news from Longleat Safari Park!

    Longleat has teamed up with the Southern Australian Government and Cleland Wildlife Park to launch an international and awareness programme for Australia’s most iconic species –  the koala!

    Six Southern koalas will be heading to the UK from Adelaide to join Longleat.  The safari park will act as aEuropean hub for the newly-created International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE). 

    The IKCE is working to enhance the management and conservation of koalas to ensure their long term future in the wild.

    The koalas are coming in the Spring of 2019.

    Meantime, there's plenty going on at Longleat in Wiltshire.   Find out where it is here

  8. The international charity have produced this delightful video with advice on how to Beat the Heat like a Moon Bear...


    Animals Asia's mission is to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China. to provide sanctuary for bears, end the suffering of wild animals in captivity and to ensure the humane treatment of cats and dogs.

    There's plenty you can do to help them in their mission, from donating to volunteering, attending events and spreading awareness. 

    Visit Animals Asia here - and beat the heat like a moon bear!


  9. If you've been thinking about getting a cat flap for your cat but want one of those ones which work with microchips, then a good reason to get on with it could be that Zooplus.co.uk (who I use every month) are offering a really good offer on the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap.

    Normally the RRP is £79.99.   However, Zooplus.co.uk have this on offer for £49.99 so you can treat your cat(s) to this microchip cat flap and save £30.

    The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap is on offer through Zooplus.co.uk

    The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap is on offer through Zooplus.co.uk
    Its RRP is £79.99.  Zooplus have an offer on it for £49.99
    Find out more from Zooplus.co.uk

    The chip works by reading your cat's unique microchip number which you programme in.  

    One of the very handy things about it is that the cat flap can have up to 40 microchips registered with it, so if you've got more than one cat, you can register all your moggies (unless you've got more than 40).

    This gives your puss the "key to the door" so to speak but keeps unwanted animals out.

    The website says the cat flap is suitable "for cats weighing up to 8kg with a shoulder width of no more than 15cm".   I do remember buying our cat's cat flap (before the microchip bit had been invented, this was some time ago), and standing in the pet shop trying to work out if Trouble would fit through it.  And yes, he did.  Mind you, he always preferred us to open the door for him. 

    Trouble asleep
    Trouble asleep.
    He always expected his "staff" to open the door for him,
    even after we fitted his cat flap! 

    Take a look at all the information about the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap with Zooplus.co.uk 

  10. Reef safe sun screen that's eco friendly from Green People
    Reef safe sun screen that's eco friendly from Green People 

    I had an email today from Green People who have this amazing reef safe sun screen that's kind to the marine environment.

    So as you put it on, you can rest assured that their coral friendly sunscreens are endorsed by that amazing charity, the Marine Conservation Society. 

    Their organic sun lotions are suitable for those prone to eczema, psoriasis and prickly heat. 

    Check out their products....

    Sun Lotion SPF30 - Scent Free 200ml

    Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator 200ml

    Organic Children's Sun Lotion SPF30 - Scent Free 150ml

    All from award-winning Sussex based company Green People