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  1. If you're a fan of the Secret Life of the Zoo (that's Chester Zoo), you'll be pleased to hear that it's coming back to our screens on Channel 4 on Wednesday 15 November at 8pm :-)

    Cameras will be inside Chester Zoo with the 15,000 animals there and the amazing staff looking after them.  

    There are more animals than ever before, including elephants, jewel wasps, the Javan green magpie. In the first episode, Kitani the eastern black rhino, is due to give birth.  So it will be an exciting hour.

    Join the conversation on Twitter using #TheZoo and by following @chesterzoo

    Visit Chester Zoo's website here


  2. Paradise Wildlife Park Visit and Reptile and Bug Bonanza for Two

    Here's a great offer from Buy a Gift - you can save yourself 25% on this animal experience with bugs and reptiles. 

    At Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, you can enjoy visiting the wildlife park for the day.  My parents and I had a fantastic time there.   

    You'll be met and welcomed with drinks at the Discovery Centre, and then you'll slither over to the Reptile House with a member of the team! You'll see a range of animals from snakes and cockroaches to stick insects, and discover a lot about what they eat, how they’re fed and the habitats they live in.  You'll also be invited to handle a selection of them!  

    Paradise Wildlife Park Visit and Reptile and Bug Bonanza for Two

    Instead of paying £199, you can treat yourself and an animal loving friend to this experience for only £149.  

    Vouchers are valid for 2 people for 6 months only.  Minimum age is 10 years old and the experience takes place at 11:30am daily week-round though some exclusion dates may apply.   All dates are subject to availability. 

    Click here to slither away to Buy a Gift now!



  3. Jo Brand's Cats & Kittens begins a new series tonight at 8pm on Channel 5

    Jo Brand meets RSPCA inspectors and volunteers who work to help the nation's cats and save them from harm.

    She presents stories of cats wwho have been rescued by the RSPCA and highlights a number of problems the cat world faces - for instance, owners who move away and simply abandon their cats or those who take on too many.

    Do watch the show at 8pm.  



  4. Find out about Carrion Crows

    Online retailer Garden Bird have an amazing garden bird resource, giving visitors to their website the chance to find out more about garden birds.

    Here, you will find everything you need to know about your garden birds, what to feed them, their behaviour and their characteristics.  There are also competitions you can take part in.

    This bold bird can usually be found across the UK - seemingly content within roaming urban areas along with countryside. 

    Did you know...

    • The Carrion crow is among the most intelligent animals on earth, comparable to the intellect of the chimpanzee!  
    • Carrion crows are often confused with Rooks
    • They work collectively to provide protection from predators and other intruders.

    Find out more about Carrion Crows from Garden Bird

  5. Just very quickly to let you know, the RSPB is giving 20% off its suet bumper boxes until 13 November 2017.   Suet helps birds build up fat reserves and energy for the long winter months. 

    All you do is add your chosen product to your basket and the 20% will be applied.

    Click here to see the RSPB's Online Suet Bumper Boxes 
    Click here to fly away fast to the RSPB's Online Shop

    This offer ends on 13th November 2017 and is subject to availability. Add the suet bumper box to your basket and the 20% discount will be applied. Please note, this 20% off offer does only apply to the products shown below. General terms and conditions apply. £3.95 P&P.


  6. Be there for a bear with World Animal Protection 

    World Animal Protection have an amazing opportunity for people to volunteer with bears!

    Between 13–18 September 2018, a group of volunteers will spent time at the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, Romania.   Get hands-on behind the scenes, as you join Team Bear and work alongside expert sanctuary staff doing things such as planting trees, building trails and making enrichment toys for bears. And having lots of fun with other bear lovers!

    The registration fee is £295, the fundraising pledge is £1,400 (or self funded). 

    Find out more here or call 0800 316 9772 for more information


  7. If you enjoy taking photographs of wildlife and would love to see how you get on in a photography competition, you could take a look at the Wildlife Trusts.

    Get clicking to find out about the Wildlife Trust's wildlife photography competitions 

    There are 47 Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK and a number of them run wildlife photography competitions.  Take a look at the sort of competitions they run and then you can get snapping for next year!

    Use the lens to get closer to nature!


  8. Today, I was cantering around the BBC's website, and a story caught my eye about two amazing guys who rescue cats stuck up trees on the west coast of America in the state of Washington.

    They have some pretty high trees there, and of course a number of cats start climbing - and climbing - and then don't come down.  Or can't come down...

    So Shaun and Tom go up the trees and rescue the cats.  They are professional tree climbers who love to help rescue cats from trees.  Not only is the safety of the cat their top priority but they are also careful not to damage the tree as they climb and descend. They say the difficult bit isn't going up the tree, but making friends with the cat so that he or she will have enough confidence to let the rescue do some rescuing.

    There are some incredible videos on You Tube from Canopy Cats Rescue showing the cats being rescued.... here's one, and thanks to Tom and Shaun who are doing such amazing work helping these stuck cats!  Cuddles to Lily!  

    Please note that Tom and Shaun know what they are doing when it comes to climbing trees - they are professional tree climbers, so please don't try this at home yourself.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.

  9. The 12th October is Buy British Day and I've just had an email from Garden Bird who sell products for all the birds and wildlife in your garden.

    They have a wonderful amount of information on birds so if you feel like finding out more about our feathered friends as the dark nights draw in and there's nothing much on TV, this could be a great opportunity to fly off to their website and check it all out

    They are celebrating Buy British Day and within their sale category you can support British producers and Buy British for the birds in your garden!  

    Fly away to Garden Bird

    Fly away to Garden Bird's website here

    They've also got some great offers on things for wildlife in their sale such as a Ladybird and Insect Tower and a Bat Box - this could be a great time to get started and give nature lots of support!   Every single thing we can all do helps nature.  




  10. There's no excuse for the kids to be bored this summer, whatever the weather.

    The Woodland Trust have over 160 activities for your little one to get their hands stuck into, and they've even been kind enough to provide a search facility so that you can choose by a couple of age groups, the type of activity you're looking for, and the topic.   On the last subject, topics include literacy and numeracy, and the weather, so this is a good chance for them to keep their brains going during the summer holidays.

    Examples of activities include making a Butterfly Feeder, Hedgehog Cake, Make Believe, plenty of colouring in pages (handy for those rainy days), making a tea, blackberry lollies, and even a Poo ID, so they can identify whose poo comes from which animal when they're out.  

    This is a great chance to get the kids involved in some fun activities which connect them to nature.  

    Click here to go to the Woodland Trust's website 

    Make a twig raft