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Whether you want to walk with llamas, ride horses, volunteer, enjoy time in the countryside or get close up and personal on an experience day, we've got ideas for you. Plus there's info on animal holidays & travel, & conservation volunteer weekends.  

Care for birds and bees this winter
Here are some tips from Birds and Bees. 

Animal holidays in 2015
Now that the new year is well underway, many of us are starting to think about holidays in 2015.   Here's a round up of animal holidays you could take a look at by animal - birdwatching, bears, wolves, horses, elephants, tigers and more!  Click here for more ideas

The National Trust produced a list of 50 things every child should do before they are 11 3/4.  Give yourself a chance this Christmas break to see whether you can break away from routine & give some of them a go!  More... 
Help walk dogs
If you want to get more exercise, what could be a better way than to volunteer for a dog rescue centre?  Or to help elderly people walk their dogs?  Click here for ways to help walk dogs

Walk with a llama 
There's lots of opportunity to take a walk with a llama in the UK - it's great fun and a rather different way to take a stroll through the countryside with a new friend!  More...