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Thursday 23 June
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Natural World 
Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants

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Go wild this June

Go wild this June
with the Wildlife Trusts


Welcome to Get active with animals.. where you can find ways to volunteer, tap into animal magic at home, find animal-related holidays... anything which involves animals...

Welcome to Get Active with Animals

Whether you want to walk with llamas, ride horses, volunteer, enjoy time in the countryside or get close up and personal on an experience day, we've got ideas for you. Plus there's info on animal holidays & travel, & conservation volunteer weekends.  

Get involved and help wildlife & other animals

♥  Volunteering does make a difference   

  Save stamps for orangutans

♥  Gerald Durrell Week in Jersey

  Give butterflies your old bananas

  Go wild this June with the Wildlife Trusts

  Take part in the Eggcase Hunt

  New online conservation course

♥  Can you make lifestyle changes to help wildlife?

♥  Taking photographs of the wildlife in your garden

♥   Wildlife in British woodlands 

♥  Help walk dogs

♥  Volunteer to make a difference to animals in your local area or on the other side of the world!