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Go wild this June with 30 Days Wild

(May 31, 2016)

It's time to go wild this June with 30 Days Wild.

This is organised by the Wildlife Trusts and the idea is that we all do something wild every day in the month of June.   This is a great chance for us all to strengthen our bond with the natural world and appreciate it.  It also gives us an opportunity to find out more about it and do something to help animals and nature along.

Last year 12,000 people took part and did 300,000 wild acts.  This year, the number has already doubled, with schools and businesses also taking part. 

Wild act ideas...

You could find and look up a wild flower on a walk, or put food out for birds;  find an ancient tree on an ancient tree hunt, make it your mission to find out more about an endangered species, put a hole in your fence to create a hedgehog highway, make it your mission to find out about local wildlife charities - the ideas are endless.

You could create a blog about your 30 days, join in at #30DaysWild, make a note of the wildlife you see from your office or school or home, or write a poem about it.   There's also an app you can download from the Wildlife Trust's website to give you plenty of ideas.

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The Wildlife Trusts have plenty of information and ideas to help you go wild - wherever you are, whether you live in a city, the countryside, surburbia, the coast.  

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