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Invite the birds in your garden to dinner!

(February 17, 2016)

Birds and Bees began life 10 years ago as a project to create some space on a farm for wildlife.   Today, the project has over 150 acres of land dedicated to wildlife.  And every year, the farm gets better for wildlife so thousands of species can benefit.

The project also knew that they needed to encourage more people to look after birds and bees in their own gardens to make an even bigger difference to wildlife.  And farmers needed to farm in a wildlife-friendly way. So Birds & Bees was born and a range of high quality bird food was launched in 2013!

All their British cereals are bought from bird and bee friendly farmers, and Birds and Bees are planting one square foot of new wildflower meadow for every new customer who joins them.

Birds and Bees have a number of new items in this month - among them is this new Supreme Dining Station , pictured top right.  

The advantage is the number of feeders it can hold - up to six in all - so there's less competition for each feeder. It has 3 hooks which the birds love to perch on.  (The disadvantage is that it doesn't come with the actual feeders - you have to buy those and the bird food separately.)

The water tray is ideal for a sip or a quick dip whilst the seed and mealworm tray is ideal for robins, blackbirds, dunnocks and thrushes.

The other big plus is that it assembles without tools and very quickly.

Our neighbour has a similar feeding station, and it's wonderful to watch the birds feast off it in the morning and take a dip in the bath or a drink from the water tray. 

Supreme Dining Station from Birds and Bees for £29.99

Find out more about the feeders available from Birds and Bees here
The one above is £29.99 from Birds & Bees, but they also have a number of cheaper hooks for feeders, including one you can stick on a high strength window bird feeder hook for £7.99, pictured below..  

You don't need a garden to help birds - you just need a window!

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