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Go wild about gardens this February

(February 16, 2016)
Go wild about gardens this February

Go wild about gardens this February

The RHS and the Wildlife Trust are involved in an initiative called Wild About Gardens.  The aim is to encourage wildlife into our gardens.

There are plenty of things we can all do to help encourage wildlife, especially at this time of year.

Winter has been going on for some time now - many animals are feeling its effects and succumbing to the cold as the realities of trying to survive sink in.  A good wildlife garden can make all the difference to your local wildlife.  

If you don’t have a pond, this is a good time to plan one. It doesn't need to be too big or too deep - a gentle slope is vital to help animals such as hedgehogs climb out.   

The Wild About Gardens initiative has several things we can do to help, including:

  • Create log piles and small heaps of stones near pond edges. These give additional shelter and will attract the invertebrates that amphibians feed on.
  • Keep on feeding birds as they are still vulnerable to cold snaps, and natural food sources remain scarce until spring arrives. You can also clean out unoccupied bird boxes, or put one up if you don’t have any already.
  • There’s still time to plant bare-root trees and shrubs. Choose species with good blossom, berries or fruits, to give the most benefit to wildlife.

We can all make a difference to wildlife 

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