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Take part... in the Great Eggcase Hunt

(September 28, 2015)

If you live close to the beach or you're having a break by the sea, have some fun taking part in the Great Eggcase Hunt for the Shark Trust!

This project started in 2003.  The Shark Trust are asking the public to report findings - the charity can then pinpoint potential shark, skate and ray nursery grounds.   All this information helps conservation - both the management of sharks, skates and rays, and also to help designate Marine Conservation Zones.   These should provide protection for some species from human activities that are particularly damaging.  

It's easy to take part - eggcases can be found on the beach all the year round, so whether you're on your summer holiday or taking a winter walk by the sea, just keep your eyes open and head to the Shark Trust's website to record your findings.   There are stacks of resources available so swim over to the Trust's website to find out more!  


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