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Lifestyle Changes

(September 28, 2015)
If you want to help wildlife, a critical thing for us all to do is to look at our lifestyle choices and see whether we can make any changes so that we can be kinder to animals and impact less on them and their environment.

One example of how we can change is through considering our own beauty and grooming products.   On 28 September, the Daily Mail has an article about this very subject, with vegan products that are equally essential to the ethically-conscious woman.  

The Rainforest Foundation has a traffic light list covering a range of products from biscuits to chocolate, skin care to health care, home care to bread.  See the list here in this PDF document.  Run your eye down their check-list and then see if you can make any switches from the "Don't buy " list to the "Best Buy" list.    

The list focuses on palm oil, which is found in about half of supermarket products, such as soaps and shampoos, bread and biscuits.  Producing the oil needed to make these products often involved destroying virgin rainforest.  This destroys the habitat of species such as elephants, tigers and orangutans.  It also has a detrimental effect on the lives of local people.  Take a look at the Rainforest Foundation and find out more about them, in any event. 

Green People do not test their products on animals

Sussex based Green People do not test their products on animals.  Visit their website here





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