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(September 26, 2015)
If your kids are nature lovers, or they love otters, or you have children to care for who are interested in nature and/or otters, you otter take a look at the International Otter Survival Fund.  The charity is dedicated to the conservation, preservation and care of otters.

They have an illustrated discovery pack called "Let's Find Out About Otters". 

This 40 page colour pack is mostly to do with Eurasian otters, particularly in the UK, but there is information relevant to otters worldwide.  There's also a colour A3 poster showing the World’s Otters.  The pack will help children find out about otters on their own or as an activity with others.  In each section there are some “Things you OTTER do” and then there are some special fun activities in “Paws for Action”. 

 Let's Find Out About Otters

This discovery pack is available from the International Survival Otter Fund's online shop for £8.99 and you can find out more details about it here.

If you haven't got any need for this but are interested in helping otters, the next time you're shopping on Amazon or visiting, you could help otters by buying something from the charity's wishlist on Amazon.  Click here to visit their Amazon page. 

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